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"Witness" is the second episode of the third season of Better Call Saul and the twenty-second episode of the series altogether.


At dusk, Chuck prepares a cup of tea and checks the locks on all of the doors at his house. He is accompanied by a private investigator, Dave, who is playing solitaire. After turning down the lantern light, Chuck looks outside.


BCS 302 02

Continuing his pursuit, Mike watches as the two henchmen he followed from his house give the tracker to a courier. Mike follows the courier for the rest of the night as he collects small pallets from remote dead drops around Albuquerque. In the early morning, Mike sees the courier pull into a restaurant and walk inside carrying a knapsack. After he leaves, the readout for the tracker shows that it is stationary, suggesting it is inside the restaurant. As Mike drives away, the camera pans out to reveal that the restaurant is Los Pollos Hermanos.

BCS 302 03

Jimmy continues renovating his shared office with Kim when a woman named Francesca Liddy appears for a job interview. During her sit-down with Jimmy and Kim, Francesca goes over her experience as a clerk at New Mexico's Motor Vehicle Division. Jimmy asks Francesca unorthodox questions and is eager to have her immediately start working as the new receptionist. Kim insists on going through a more thorough hiring process, but Jimmy tells her that he has a commercial airing in a few minutes and that he needs Francesca to handle the incoming calls. Jimmy coaches Francesca as two calls come in, one of which turns out to be from Mike. Jimmy agrees to meet with Mike the next morning.

BCS 302 04

Mike tasks Jimmy with entering Los Pollos Hermanos to observe the courier when he comes inside. After taking an order, Jimmy watches as the courier arrives, collects his own meal, and sits at a booth with the knapsack between his feet. Jimmy tries and fails to act casual while watching the courier. When the courier dispenses with his trash and leaves with the knapsack, Jimmy reaches into the trash bin to see if the courier stashed anything in there. He is suddenly greeted by Gustavo Fring, who aks Jimmy if he needs any held. Jimmy quickly slips of his watch and says that he lost it in the trash. Gus helps Jimmy retrieve his watch and Jimmy leaves. He tells Mike that he saw nothing suspicious in the restaurant, much to Mike's frustration. Gus is outside cleaning litter, and looks up knowingly as Jimmy drives away, aware that Mike is onto him.

A paranoid Ernesto drives to Jimmy and Kim's law office, and phones Kim to meet him in his car outside. After learning what he knows, Kim takes Jimmy into a private room and makes him give her a $20 bill to officially make her his lawyer, so they have confidentiality when she tells him she knows about his confession to doctoring the Mesa Verde files. “I couldn’t leave Chuck in Crazy Town like that!” Jimmy defends his actions and then assures Kim that it’s his word against Chuck’s. Kim reveals that Chuck taped his confession, which stuns Jimmy.

BCS 302 09

Meanwhile, Mike continues his stakeout of Los Pollos Hermanos and notices a black Escalade pull up to the back of the building. When the car -- revealed to be driven by Victor -- drives off, the readout indicates the tracker is inside. Mike follows the Escalade, but the pursuit leads him to find a ringing cell phone placed atop a fuel cap at the center of a remote highway. Mike picks up the phone and answers the call.

Kim conducts research and, based on what she has learned, figures that Chuck cannot use the confession tape in court and will not use it to win back Mesa Verde. Kim suggests that Jimmy not act and wait for Chuck to make the first move. Instead, Jimmy angrily leaves. Meanwhile, Chuck reveals to Howard that he used Ernesto to tip off Jimmy about the tape, predicting that Jimmy will break into Chuck's house at night to steal it. Instead, an enraged Jimmy shows up at Chuck's house in broad daylight, breaks down his door and screams at Chuck for pulling that "heartstrings con job" on him. "No wonder Rebecca left you! What took her so long?" he yells before prying open the desk drawer and tearing apart the tape in Chuck's face. He threatens to “burn the whole goddamn house to the ground” to find any possible copies. However, Chuck has the upper hand when Howard and Dave make their presence known, having now witnessed Jimmy commit a crime.


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BCS 302 Writers's boarding process
  • Kim asking Jimmy to put a dollar in his pocket to establishe her as his laywer mirrors the way Jimmy ask the same thing to Walt and Jesse in the episode "Better Call Saul".
  • Gus's introduction is the same as his one in Breaking Bad, in his restaurant, greeting the protagonist in his role as the Los Pollos Hermanos manager, with the protagonist being none the wiser.

Memorable Quotes

Mike: "Your new assistant is a pip."
Jimmy: "Yeah, thanks for crushing her spirit on the first day."
—Mike and Jimmy about Jimmy and Kim's new assistant, Francesca.

Jimmy: "Hey, who's got your back? Me, that's who."
Mike: "I'll keep that in mind."
—Jimmy and Mike about Saul helping Mike.

Kim: "Just hand me a dollar. Come on."
Jimmy: "Okay."
Kim: "All I got's a twenty."
Jimmy: "Fine. Whatever. All right. I'm your lawyer now. If anyone asks me what I know, we have confidentiality."
— Kim and Saul before Kim reveals to Jimmy confession tape made by Chuck.

"For this you destroyed our family? Are you happy now? For what? For nothing!"
―Jimmy furious after Chuck.

Legal notes

  • Kim mentions that New Mexico has one-party consent laws regarding recording conversations. She also says that the law can be "bounced under 403," referring to Federal Rule of Evidence 403: Excluding Relevant Evidence for Prejudice, Confusion, Waste of Time, or Other Reasons.

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