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Just finished watching Granite State, and I couldn't be more excited for the final episode, I've already got Pizza ordered and beer chilling in the fridge.

I originally thought that the Final Episode was going to be Walt vs Hank, but now we know it's a whole other story.

Vince Gilligan stated that the final episode will tie up all loose ends. Here's a few things I think will happen.

  • Marie: Now widowed, depressed and vengeful. Walt will come to her to explain, but she will not here any of it.
  • The White Family: Will be resenting the memory of the former man of the house, only for him to show up and say a final goodbye.
  • Gretchen and Elliot: The final insult has sent Walt over the edge, He will be coming to make his position clear to his former best friends.
  • Brock: Now without a mother, this boy needs a father figure. Will Jesse make it to be there for him.
  • Saul Goodman: A minor scene to set him up for his spin off.
  • Lydia: She deserves a lot of nastiness to happen to her. But personally I think she will suffer a sever panic attack turned heart attack. 
  • The White Supremicist Gang: Best case scenario, All of them rot in prison. Worst case, everyone of them will stare down the business end of an M60. 
  • Todd: Todd will get his cummupance. Most likely at the hands of Jesse.
  • Jesse: If there was anybody who's fate I was unsure of, it's his.I initially thought that Jesse would die (he was almost killed of early in the show according to some sources, but if anyone has a chance to make it out of this alive. He's probably the one. 

And Finally

  • Walter White: There's no two ways about it, Walt is going to die in the final episode. The only question is: "How?" Will he succumb to his cancer? Or will Jesse kill him?

These are just a few of my thoughts. But I know if any show will give total closure, It's Breaking Bad. 

What questions do you want the finale?

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