• Stretchyforehead


    April 20, 2014 by Stretchyforehead

    Okay, so we both know this website needs some shaking up. You guys are boring me! BORING ME! With all your Person 1: Wow that scene was great Person 2: yeah great Person 1: I have to edit this page now because I something that could be inaproppriate for the six year olds on here. Person 2: wow me too! Bye! Wtf? NO! This is not how this wiki works. We need PEOPLE here. Real people who aren't Wiki Barbies, as I call them. They get to be bossy administrators who have administerator talks that anyone, even someone who just made an account here could talk about. It's like they have their own private world. Anyway, enough about annoying admins.

    If we are going to shake this place up, I need some teams.



    Gus' Drug Empire

    Walt's Drug Empire


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