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Hello, there! In case you did not know, I'm new to the Breaking Bad Wiki and the only true large edit I have made was adding the episode number relative to the series to every post-Season 1 episode page. Example: before, it said on "ABQ": "ABQ" is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of Breaking Bad." After my edit, it says: "ABQ" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Breaking Bad and the twentieth episode altogether. It is also the season finale." Anyway, this is irrelevant. Haha! What I really want to talk about is commentary pages, which would be articles about commentaries on the DVD/Blu-Ray releases. What I would like would be some help in creating these. You would need at least one of the season DVDs/Blu-Ray's. The pages could be in a similar fashion to what I've seen on the Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki. (Example: commentary on Space Pilot 3000) I'm willing to do the commentary for "Pilot" if I get enough support from others willing to create such pages. The title format would probably be in the manor of "DVD Commentary on I See You" for example. There would be 28 initially, that is until June 2014 when Season 5 comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD. If you would like to sign up to do one of them, the place to do so would be below:

Pilot - OmNomTheFailBeast

Crazy Handful of Nothin'

Seven Thirty-Seven

Negro y Azul

Better Call Saul

4 Days Out


No Mas



One Minute

I See You



Half Measures

Full Measure

Box Cutter

Thirty-Eight Snub

Open House

Bullet Points



Problem Dog




Crawl Space

End Times

Face Off

I think once around 10 or so pages get claimed, we can get serious about beginning the process.

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