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The votes were tallied and the winners were chosen!

Thanks to you, the Breaking Bad Wikia Awards were a success! When polls ended on November 14th, there were exactly 2,434 votes given, and the most popular category ended up being Best Villain with 296 votes! To view all of the winners, keep scrolling!

The polls were left open for people to keep voting. The results below reflect the end of the awards on November 14th, 2013.

Best Male Character

BB AwardFrame BestMale
Winner: Walter White
Runner up: Jesse Pinkman

Best Female Character

BB AwardFrame BestFemale
Winner: Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Runner up: Skyler White

Best Supporting Character

BB AwardFrame BestSup
Winner: Huell Babineaux
Runner up: Steven Gomez

Best Villain

BB AwardFrame BestVillain
Winner: Gustavo Fring
Runner up: Todd Alquist

Best Death Scene

BB AwardFrame BestDeath
Winner: Gustavo Fring
Runner up: Walter White

Best Tearjerker

BB AwardFrame BestTearjerker

Winner: "Ozymandias" Phone Call (between Walt and Skyler)

Most Shocking Moment

BB AwardFrame MostShocking
Winner: Todd killing Drew Sharp
Runner up: "Run" in "Half Measures"

Best Heisenberg Moment

BB AwardFrame BestHeisenberg
Winner: “I’m the one who knocks”
Runner up: Crawl Space Sequence

Best Episode

BB AwardFrame BestEpisode
Winner: "Ozymandias"
Runner up: "Felina"

Best Season

BB AwardFrame BestSeason
Winner: Season 5
Runner up: Season 4

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