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MasterM June 27, 2010 User blog:MasterM

Following the startling season finale of Breaking Bad, we obviously have much discussion about the possibilities for Season 4. Being as short as possible I'm surmise the following that I believe may happen:

1: Ted will notice Skyler's new found wealth

2: The cartel will finally catch up with Gus

3: Jesse will have an on and off relationship with Andrea

4: Victor will get shot in the head

5: Mike will get gravely injured.

6: For his safety, Hank will get reassigned to a new case, much to his chagrin.

7: The cartel will capture Walt

8: A fiery shootout and raid severely cripples the cartel and Gus's drug empire.

9: With the cartel dead and Gus in trouble, Walt will contemplate whether jumping on the chance to become kingpin of the newly freed territory.

and a lot more ,but I'll save that for later. We have, presumably, almost a year to wait for next season so there will be a lot of time to harvest ideas and thoughts. I'd appreciate some input on what you think may happen next season.

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