• MasterM

    Following the startling season finale of Breaking Bad, we obviously have much discussion about the possibilities for Season 4. Being as short as possible I'm surmise the following that I believe may happen:

    1: Ted will notice Skyler's new found wealth

    2: The cartel will finally catch up with Gus

    3: Jesse will have an on and off relationship with Andrea

    4: Victor will get shot in the head

    5: Mike will get gravely injured.

    6: For his safety, Hank will get reassigned to a new case, much to his chagrin.

    7: The cartel will capture Walt

    8: A fiery shootout and raid severely cripples the cartel and Gus's drug empire.

    9: With the cartel dead and Gus in trouble, Walt will contemplate whether jumping on the chance to become kingpin of the newly freed territ…

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  • MasterM

    Thoughts on the show

    April 23, 2010 by MasterM

    My thoughts tell me of an underlying tone of irony. When you consider Skyler left Walter, a criminal, for another criminal ,Ted, you may suspect she is not acting on better judgement ,but rather her exasperated emotion in order to spite Walter. Consider the fact Walter committed his crime with selfless intentions against the possibility that Ted committed his crime selfishly. Although it is never stated that Ted committed his crime with selfish intentions, it can be surmised that that is the case. Consider, when Skyler confronts Ted about the fraud he seems to struggle gaining consistency with his reasoning and attempts more to justify his actions than explain them whereas Walter ,with more uniformity and sentiment, explains why he decide…

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