This is a discussion page, a lot of you already know the main answer, but I'll go down in terms...

Action -

They both have good action, Walking Dead has more deaths, but Breaking Bad has TONS more explosions. Breaking Bad also sounds better, Breaking Bad wins this. 

Story -

Breaking Bad BY FAR, although the whole Rick in the hospital theme was smart...

Season 1 -

Breaking Bad had an extra episode, if it weren't for writers strike, Walking Dead might have won this, because Jesse would have died, and if my other theory of Badger having been Walt's business partner in season 2, I don't know if fans would like that THAT early, but yes, they are funny when working together. 

Season 2 -

They both had great, amazing, epic, adrenaline pumped - rushing finales! Season 2 of Walking Dead was NOT slow, although some episodes were slightly boring, nothing major. The only reason people thought those 13 episodes were slow is cause they were waiting a week inbetween EACH EPISODE. I'd say out of Walking Dead they could have worked 10 out of 13 episodes into it, Breaking Bad, all 13 were awesome, but episode 3 wasn't too great, so 12 out of 13 could have been used, but they needed all 13 out of 13 cause they needed to show Walt getting back to town. Breaking Bad wins again!

First 8 of season 3 -

Although The Walking Dead's first 8 episodes of season 3 were amazing, Breaking Bad had much more story crunched into it, The RV was crushed, Hank was injured, Walt feared being "the bad guy" and Jesse faced the truth, amazing, gutwrenching first 8 episodes of each! Breaking Bad wins here, again, when the next 8 of TWD are done, I'll update and post those and Breaking bad's below, although walking dead has 3 more episodes then Breaking Bad, so, I'll figure something out. 

Pilot episode -

Very good for both, here. This ones a tie, they were both 50 - 60 minute long episodes, and both epic! But, on action term here, BREAKING BAD WINS! On story term, BREAKING BAD WINS, on drama turn, TIE.

So, obviously, Breaking Bad wins. Tell me your opinions below.