okay, this is a disscusion blog, or meant to be. If you didn't know, Jesse was supposed to die in the season 1 finale, but they got cut two episodes short due to writer's strike. Now, this minisode I am about to post features a deleted scene from episodes 5 - 7 of season 1,  forgot which one exactlly. 

Breaking Bad Season 1 Extra - Minisode 05 - The Break-In04:50

Breaking Bad Season 1 Extra - Minisode 05 - The Break-In

This video features Badger and Walt working together on a "heist" to get money out of a vacuum cleaner Skyler sold that had some money in it that Walt was hiding. Yes, the video is funny, but my point is, they worked together...

And because of that, I think if Jesse were to have died, Badger would become the "new Jesse" and start helping Walt out. I highly think this because Matt Jones - Badger - has a bigger role in season 2 than any, maybe he was promised to have a role as Walt's partner but plans changed and the actor threatened to quit but they offered him so many episodes for so much money, it's possible. If you look at season 3 he had like four episodes, season 4 and 5 he had 1 in each. Season 1, 2, maybe 3. And season 2, like 7! 

I am glad he was a bigger role in season 2, don't get me wrong, but I believe this was the original plan... I've been thinking on this for a while, and what is Badger took over the business IF Walt and Jesse die? Or, do you think Badger will die in Part 2?

I hope in S5B he has a bigger role, maybe 5 or even 6 out of the 8 episodes, I think since Mike is gone and Walt didn't mind them (all the time...) that they should join Jesse (I believe he's not done cooking) and/or Todd. I like when they are part of Walt's empire. Pete, Badger, Jesse, Walt, Todd, Ira, etc. would be an awesome team! 

I'll keep you posted with my therioes