Remember that these are just thoughts, NO SPOILERS HERE except for season 5 part 1.

There are many unanswered questions we have from Season 5 part 1 and I figured I would try to figure them out. No commenting, I have a history of getting mad at comments so I take it off, but here we go. 

What was the M60 for - In "Live free or die" before the theme song rolls, we see Walt celebrating - possibly - his 52nd birthday, he goes to the bathroom and gets some car keys, he opens the back of a car trunk and finds an M60 gun, if I am correct. This is obviously a flashforward, we will get to the fact Walt has a full head of hair soon, but still, what and who was that M60 for? Was he gonna use it to kill Jesse, another drug gang, Goodman, Skyler, Hank? Their are thousands of possibilities. I honestly think he is getting it to shoot some other drug gang, in my opinion I doubt this will end the show but was just something to throw fans off, but only Gilligan knows because he is just finding out the end himself. 

Full head of hair - It seems he doesn't have cancer, and threw seasons 2 to 4 it seems they haven't shown us him getting his cancer checked as often as season 1 did, although he couughs in the bathroom and in Gliding over all he gets a cancer test, the first time they showed us that in nearly 13 episodes if I am correct. I think his cancer is back, and I don't know this, but if he got off kemotherapy for some reason, would his hair have grown back?, that might answer this. 

Cancer returns? - I think his cancer is back. 

Who is Walt's worst enemy AKA Who will kill Walt, assuming he dies - Jesse is at the top since that character died in Say my name. But Goodman and Skyler are very close to Pinkman. 

This page will be continue with more questions soon.