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    My favorite quotes

    January 1, 2013 by BadgerTv0


    • Season 1 -
      • "You know the business, and I know the chemistry." - Walt to Jesse.
      • "Hows it feel to be fifty?" Asks Jr. "Hows it feel to be a smartass?" Replies Walt, teasingly. "Pretty good." Jr. says, smiling.
    • Season 2 -
      • "I so smell bacon." - Badger to an undercover cop.
      • "I expect this machine to be going every day." - Walt to Jesse while a machine that counts money is going. 
    • Season 3 -
      • "Did you, perhaps, try our product, or bump your head, on something heavy and big?" - Jesse to Walt when Walt is trying to kill a fly and refuses to cook until acomplishing. 
      • "No more half measures, Walter." - Mike after telling a story. 
    • Season 4 -
      • "No matter how many dogs I kill, it's all good, cause I'm a nice guy?" - Jesse in rehab. 
      • "If you just do …
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    This is a discussion page, a lot of you already know the main answer, but I'll go down in terms...

    Action -

    They both have good action, Walking Dead has more deaths, but Breaking Bad has TONS more explosions. Breaking Bad also sounds better, Breaking Bad wins this. 

    Story -

    Breaking Bad BY FAR, although the whole Rick in the hospital theme was smart...

    Season 1 -

    Breaking Bad had an extra episode, if it weren't for writers strike, Walking Dead might have won this, because Jesse would have died, and if my other theory of Badger having been Walt's business partner in season 2, I don't know if fans would like that THAT early, but yes, they are funny when working together. 

    Season 2 -

    They both had great, amazing, epic, adrenaline pumped - rushing fin…

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    okay, this is a disscusion blog, or meant to be. If you didn't know, Jesse was supposed to die in the season 1 finale, but they got cut two episodes short due to writer's strike. Now, this minisode I am about to post features a deleted scene from episodes 5 - 7 of season 1,  forgot which one exactlly. 

    This video features Badger and Walt working together on a "heist" to get money out of a vacuum cleaner Skyler sold that had some money in it that Walt was hiding. Yes, the video is funny, but my point is, they worked together...

    And because of that, I think if Jesse were to have died, Badger would become the "new Jesse" and start helping Walt out. I highly think this because Matt Jones - Badger - has a bigger role in season 2 than any, maybe h…

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    Episode 9 - The Decesion - Hank deals with deciding what to do next (read what he can do above). Walt truly hasn't quit and begins cooking with Todd, his covering lie to Skyler is that he is looking for a job. Hank gets an eavsdrop bug (like Walt did to Jesse's car in season 4) and plants it on Walt's car when Walt is home, and Hank and Marie have an akward super at Walts, where Walt lies to Skyler and tells her he hasn't found a job yet. Walt meets a mad Lydia - who has heard he "quit" - but he calms her down and tells her he lied to his wife to get his kids back, Lydia tells him she doesn't trust him because he can quit at any moment, Walt tells her she's over reacting, Hank watches the meeting from the far. Walt threatens Lydia - becaus…

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    What if Hugo came back?

    December 30, 2012 by BadgerTv0

    I think Hugo, that janiter, might come back and start a drug rivalry gang, or maybe be the deputy of the gang or some position like that and lead/tell them to walt/about walt.

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