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Place where Jesse realizes that Walt poisoned Brock

  • Where is this location with these strange stones where Jesse realizes the ricin plot by Walt and he was supposed to meet with the new-identity maker? Is this a real place?

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    • The "Disappearer" told Saul to have Jesse meet him at the intersection of Juan Tabo and Osuna.  You can find this exact (and very real) spot on Google Maps.  In the Google Maps search bar, enter:  "Juan Tabo Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM".  Start at the "A" marker on Juan Tabo, and follow the street up till you see a horizontal swath of desert on the right.  That is where Osuna dead ends at the geometric concrete berm or dam.  You can zoom in really close & see them.

      Now...Juan Tabo is the street where Gail Boetticher lived  when Jesse killed him.  Everything means something in BB.  I'm not sure what the repetition of the Juan Tabo street name means, unless it means that the same thing is going to happen to Jesse...

      There are web sites & Flicker accounts that list & show ALL the filming locations for BB!  You can find Jane & Jesse's duplex, Hank & Marie's house (!), the corner where Combo was killed, etc.

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    • Susan,

      I knew Juan Tabo sounded familar but didn't think to go back and look it up. But, I disagree that this is some kind of foreshadowing, and if it is it might not mean Jesse's death. I think the BB fans can be so relentless trying to read into things and to look forward via clues that sometimes the writers throw little things in there to throw people off the scent. For example for the longest time I thought Steven Gomez was dirty. This is because they gave him a goatee just like Walt's at the end of season 4. Also, when he was promoted (Hank's old job) they had a picture of him holding 2 flags on his  cake goodbye cake. They cut the cake right between the 2 flags (mexico and US) It would've been some damn good foreshadowing...turned out to be nothing.

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    • Yes, you're right...since so much in BB means something, we expect everything to be meaningful.  But why Juan Tabo again?   (Except that it feels good to say!)

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    • There are actually several streets in ABQ named Juan Tabo. 

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    • Pink Matter,

      Awww, I thought I was on to something!  Have you figured out why Jesse's last name is Pinkman?  We've got White & Schwartz that = Gray Matter.  Saul Goodman's name is meaningful. Pinkman is just too odd not to be kinda meaningful.

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    • There may still be meaning to the road bc after I did some research, there is actually a mystery surrounding the name "Juan Tabo." It's a pretty interesting read, I'll leave a link.

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    • LOL!  I looked it up too, hoping for a clue. 

      I'm dying for tonight's episode.  Who's going to come out alive?  We know that Walt is, or he can't retreive the ricin from his ruined house, and frighten his neighbor, Carol. 

      Have you read about the symbolism of the oranges?  How can there ever be anything as good as BB???

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    • I'm thinking that the oranges are used in the same way as The Godfather used them (as kind of an homage.) In The Godfather, orages are used to predict death but that can't be the case in BB because they were used when Beneke broke his neck so I think they symbolize some sort of physical harm as well as maybe death.

      I'm assuming Hank and Gomie will die and Walt and Jesse will live. (I'm seriously hoping for Todd to die as well.)

      Either way, time is dragging today. Only 2 hours left!

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    • A Fandom user
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