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El Paso?

  • Among some of the other ideas I've heard about this supposed episode title, there's one that I immediately thought of when I saw it. It could be a reference to Marty Robbins's "El Paso," in which the narrator returns to the town in which he was wanted by the law for murder in order to see his beloved Felina one last time. He is fatally shot by the lawmen, and dies in Felina's arms. What do you all think? I could definitely imagine a similar scenario occuring in the show's finale.

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    • This actually seems pretty legit. No pun intended.

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    • If this is the case, I imagine they would at least use this song in the finale. Listening to the song, I can definitely imagine it playing over some sort of dramatic finale. Also, the location of El Paso has signifiance to the series, if you remember Hank's anxiety attacks he had at that location.

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    • This is what I immediately thought after discovering the episode title.  Fitting, I think.

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    • The way i interpreted the lyrics was, he was fighting for his woman, against another man who the woman is cheating on him with. Not a lawman. The only other man it could possibly be is Ted Beneke who just got PWND by a carpet and that would be pretty dumb

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    • I'm thinking the song too.  To end a season with an anagram is stupid, especially when they tell you it's an anagram.  It means more, I think.  Maybe Gretchen is 'Felina'.  Maybe Skylar.  We will soon see . . .  Maybe Fe Li Na.  Maybe a woodworking cat.  Meow!

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