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There is no evidence for Walt poisoning Brock

  • There is no evidence for Walt poisoning Brock (as of Season 4). Just because Walt has that plant doesn't mean he poisoned Brock. I went back and watched the last few episodes of season 4. Walt never had the opportunity. He shows up at Jesse's house where Brock is playing a video game. Walt is not carrying the flower pot in the scene. He immediately gets into a fight with Jesse without even coming inside. Then he gets tasered by Tyrus and taken out to the desert. Brock doesn't live with Jesse so Walt has no way to figure out who Brock is or where he lives, so Walt never had the chance to poison him, even if you believe Walt is capable of doing that or wanted to.

    Walt having that plant is a coincidence, just like how he met Donald before Jane's death, or like how Beneke dies while Huell is in his house. The show is full of weird coincidences.

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    • I disagree. 

      Walt could have snuck the Lily of the Valley to Brock at a time unseen in any episode. This was a creative choice by the show's writers to build suspense.

      There are three references to the Lily of the Valley that support my theory:

      1. Walt, contemplating how to kill Gus gazes at the flower with a pleased look on his face. He knew that Jesse was close to Gus and needed his help and motivation to get to him. ("End Times")
      2. After Jesse's second-hand recollection from the doctors how Brock may have encountered the Lily, Walt returns home. The camera zooms into the same flower in Walt's back yard. ("Face Off")
      3. When Walt is cleaning his house from the materials used to create the bomb that killed Gus, he remembers to dispose of the Lily in his back yard. ("Live Free or Die")
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    • Walter did poison Brock. Have you ever watched the Making Of from Season 4? Bryan Cranston already confirmed that Walter did it.

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    • Ted didn't die, and Walt did do this.

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    • Walter has psychopathic tendencies, so I agree, he poisoned Brock like a baws.

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    • In season 5 episode 1 Saul says "you left me to deal with this." Reffering to the cigerette with the ricen in it.This is evidence that Walt took the cigerette, and said that Gus did it.

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    • come on people. you need to wwatch and pay attention.

      I can't believe no one caught on to this.

      everything in this show, happens for a reason. It either means something bigger, trying to tell you without telling you. Or it is a larger plot point, coming back. Like a great hemingway book.

      anyways Walt is sitting in his back yard, before he goes all roar rar rar. He is sitting their just spinning his gun by himself. The first two or three times, I forget, it points back at him. The last time, the gun points directly the opposite way, towards the lilly of the valley plant, and it kinda zooms in on it.

      You need to watch for every detail, they are just not going to show him spinning a gun. Because he is bored.

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    • Don't mean to be rude, but EVERYONE caught onto that. That was literally what was meant to be shown and to be understood by the audience. People in this conversation have already said it. 

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    • It's clear that Walt poisoned Brock using his Lily of the Valley plant. He eyes it after the spinning gun points to it, the final shot of season 4 focuses in on it, and then he urgently disposes of it in the first episode of season 5.

      What is not clear is how he would have actually done it. We see him visit Jesse once, but he never even gets in the door.

      Another question is the sequence of events surrounding the ricin cigarette. Huell supposedly lifts it from Jesse while patting him down in Saul's office, but if you watch the scene it doesn't appear that Huell got anything off him. It's also unclear why it would be stolen. Maybe Walt just wanted it back, but really it was a plot device to keep us guessing about who poisoned Brock and how.

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    • Saul did it. Check his conversation with Walt in S05E01 again. It is implied during the talk.

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    • It is implied that Saul assisted in stealing Jesse's ricin cigarete, but not that he poisoned Brock.

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    • Saul says "only you never told me the kid would going to be in a hospital". So he knew the reason Walt required him to steal the ricin. Saul had contact with Brock once, and it was implied he would continue to do so to give money to his mother. And it is more likely Saul would be in a position to poison him than Walt. But I agree, it is only a notion I have.

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    • Good eye. Saul says, "You never told me the kid would wind up in the hospital."

      Still not clear how it was done. In S04E12 we see Jesse get frisked in Saul's office and then the next thing we know he gets a call telling him that Brock is in the hospital. There's no scene where Saul and Huell are with Brock and his mom.

      Another unshown scene has Walt telling Saul to do all this, giving him Lily of the Valley for the poisoning. But that would ruin our suspense, wouldn't it?

      This is all so Walt can turn Jesse against Gus, convinving him by pointing out that Gus has already shown a willingness to kill children when it suits him, so he is likely behind the poisoning. Jesse agrees to work with Walt to kill Gus.

      Jesse refuses to leave the hospital, telling Tyrus, "if my employer has a problem with that, he can tell me himself." That lures Gus to the hospital, where Walt puts a bomb on his car. When Gus hears about Brock getting poisoned, he knows Walt may be behind it (and maybe suspects Jesse is working with him), so he avoids the car.

      Kind of a stretch, but what the hay.

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    • Except that you forgot that Brock acts normally when Saul is around, but he has a strange behaviour when he meets Walt. Saul did knew about the poisoning, but it was Walter who did it.

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    • I don't think there is a scene with Brock and Saul after Walt eyes the Lily of the Valley plant. Correct me if I'm wrong.

      In Hazard Pay, Walt sees Brock at Jesse's house, but Brock doesn't seem to show any kind of recognition of Walt. He acts like a normal shy kid, being quiet around a stranger. Walt does give him a long stare at one point, like he's thinking, "So this is the kid I had poisoned."

      To me, the scene reinforces the theory that Saul and Huell did the poisoning.

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    • i agree....walt tends to make other people do bad things that they normally might not do...jesse is a classic case of a common criminal turned murderer via walt...we've also seen skyler and saul do bad things that they otherwise may not have done if it were not for walt....i believe that saul and huell def poisoned brock lesnar

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    • I have to add that Walter is a fucking genious.

      He knew Jesse would say it was the Ricin poison and lead the doctors on treating Brock for poison. Second thing is, Lily of the Valley plant looked pretty much a comercialized plant, therefore the poisoning must be, if treated at an early stage, curable; my guess is Walter knew this (you know, he's a chemist) and indeed made a very coutious plot to get what he wanted.

      He might not be very good at playing Black Jack, but I'm pretty sure he is at whatever else.

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    • So apparently Walt crushed up the lily of the valley and put it in a juicebox and snuck it into Brocks school somehow but there was never any thought put into a scene like that so if it actually was shown it would probably be Saul was the one to plant the juicebox into Brock's lunchbox. From the comic con panel from today so we have closure on this subject now :)

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    • I agree. Back along Saul drops money to Andrea weekly from Jesse so Walt must have found out about this. I reckon Walt delivers the lily of the valley berry to Saul in some way and Saul plants it somewhere or something. Makes sense! 

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    • TheGrimBotch wrote:
      Except that you forgot that Brock acts normally when Saul is around, but he has a strange behaviour when he meets Walt. Saul did knew about the poisoning, but it was Walter who did it.

      ^ That.  I picked up on that immediately.  When they're both sitting on the futon, there's an awkward silence between them, and it's held for several seconds before cutting. I think Saul thought that by taking the ricin cigarette from Jesse, he was preventing Jesse from doing something, but actually was enabling Walt to do something else, which is why he says that line about the kid ending up in the hospital.

      Considering the plant STILL has the tag on it when it's shown, I think Walter knows the plant just makes children sick but doesn't kill them like ricin will. Also, despite the various other incidents where Walt has killed people, he does cling to the idea that he would never murder a child and seems genuine in that, so it would make sense he would use the plant and not something lethal like ricin.

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    • Walt placed the tracking device on Jesse's car, so he could have guessed where Brock lived.  Plus Tyrus wasnt stalking Walt 24/7, how else did Walt visit Hector unnoticed?

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    • @APurpleLemon That blog is incorrect in saying that those were school schedules being shredded at Saul's office. Seeing as one of the schedules said "6:30 to close", it is more likely those are work schedules of Saul's office, seeing as no kid goes to elementary school from 6:30 to close.

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    • I just watched the last episode of season 4. The closing shot of the entire season is the camera slowly zooming to the plant with white flowers in the White's backyard. It's the same plant that the gun is pointing at after Walt spins it in a previous episode. 

      As the camera moves closer and closer, with melancholy music playing, we see the small plastic card stuck in the soil, with the name "Lily of the Valley" clearly printed across the top.

      Immediately prior to this shot is the scene at the parking garage where Jesse tells Walt that Brock survived. After Jesse leaves, the camera closes in on Walts face and we clearly see relief and anguish competing there.

      To suggest that a viewer should have any other impression than that Walter White is responsible for Brock's poisoning is to completely ignore all conventions in visual story telling. It also suggests that the writer and/or director are idiots who put the shot in for no reason. 

      Shocking to me that anyone who has the mental acuity to enjoy this show would watch that shot and still come to the conclusion that Walter White was not responsible.

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    • Just wanted to echo the sentiments that it was clearly telegraphed that Walt was resposible for poisoning was a televisual masterclass!

      If you don't pick up on the subtleties, I can imagine that it could pass some people by, and Vince Gilligan doesn't seem to be the kind of writer who is going to garishly signpost what has happened. This is the essence of BB: it forces you to engage with every shot, scene and line of dialogue.

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    • Well, first off...there's a ton of evidence (way more than I'm willing to put here for you!) And second, maybe you should have gone on to watch the first 10 minutes of season 5--one of the first things Walt does is hide the plant!

      If that ain't enough...listen to the trailer of this week's show. Saul says (presumably to Jesse) that he never would've have never agreed to it if he knew what he was going to do with it..."You gotta believe me!"

      And...oh 501 Saul says to Walt "You never told me the kid would end up in the hospital!"

      Please don't waste people's time with this. It's obvious you're not paying attention. This is a site for fans.

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    • This discussion is officially over after the latest episode.

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    • Amen.

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    • Hi Everyone. I know that now it's being a clear evidence that Walt did poison the kid (Saul's confession is a fair enough final evidence). Period.

      So I'm posting this just for the fun to have discussion about all of this and point out how I think the complexity of this plot event was made on purpose so as to make us all wonder about it.

      So I first started buying the idea of Walt poisoning the kid because all the elements you quoted deffinetly accuse him. And I personnaly never questioned the psychopathic tendencies of Walter. He is clearly a goddamn lunatic freak with frequent and very random murderous envies. No contest.

      That being said, he is also a perfect liar, manipulator but more than anything a very good calculator. And I insist on this last one.

      As a graduated and brillant chemical professor who turned completly mad and unpredictable, all his success nontheless remained in his calculator skills and obsessions.

      So, on this simple point of view, until we were definetly conviced by Saul's words : what reason would he have (as he stated himself in a very desperate moment) to poison Brock ?

      So as to make Jesse believe that Gus did it ? But that's clearly not logical at all. Because if the point was to kill the kid and let accuse Gus, why poisoning him with Lily of the valley ?

      So it appears accidental ? But then that don't accuse Walt nor Gus... 

      So what's the point ? Why wouldn't he have just poison him with ricin  ?

      Because that accuses Walt too much ? But then why getting Saul taking the cigaret off the packet ? So Jesse believes that Brock got poisoned with ricin ? But again that doesn't accuses Gus at all, that accuses Walt ! And there is absolutly no reason Gus did it.

      And I really believed that Walt believing Gus did it was actually the fruit of his sincere and personal paranoid tendencies. And I thought this is why he laughed with despair. Just like he did when his wife told him about his money being offered to Beneke. Know I must confess I think he's just an evil master mind and a crazy nutcake.

      All of this really didn't make sense at all.

      And I still think the whole point was making us, as spectators, wondering about all this mess despite of the evidence. Because playing with our minds is pure fun. 

      According to my theory nobody had no reason ever to poison Brock and it was really more logical he just got intoxicated accidentaly, and all the surrounding elements were intentionnally put in our sight so as to make us elaborate paranoid theories.

      Think about it : why in the world would such a calculator as Walt put all the potential success of his plan remaining in the very low probability that Jesse suspect him and then buy the crazy story of Brock being poisoned by Gus ? For what reason ? Why the hell would Gus even poison this child ? I mean, either Walt is an unpredictable crazy fuck who just tried the last desperate mad stuff that crossed his mind, either he invested it all on Jesse's weaknesses. That is to say the way he got easely influenced, and his original loyalty to Walt.

      Here is why my theory is that Brock's intoxication was made to look like pure Deus Ex Machina, even IN THE END, it finally appeared to be what it is : a volontary poisoning. 

      End of my pleading.

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