• I have a theory on why I believe Chuck will finally meet his demise at the end of Season 3:

    The season finale's name is Lantern. Back in Season 1, when Chuck visited the hospital for the first time, the nurse said when trying to convince Jimmy to commit his brother: "Coleman lantern indoors? A camp stove? He could burn his house down." Jimmy had two perfect opportunities to commit Chuck to a mental institution and get him psychological help for his condition. In Season 1, Jimmy chose not to commit him, which was when he and Chuck were on good terms. In Season 2, Jimmy and Chuck were at odds with each other, but Jimmy still greatly cared for him, so he chose against it once again. It's easy to say that in Season 3, Jimmy and Chuck's relationship is irrepairable. Chuck's condition and his way of living with camp stoves and lanterns could ultimately get him killed. 

    Before Jimmy was arrested, the conversation he had with Chuck, where basically tells him that next time he is sick, he will not be there to help him is also very interesting. From what Jimmy said, it's clear that he no longer cares for Chuck anymore after all the trauma that's happened between the two brothers. 

    I also noticed in Season 3 Episode 4 when Mike is repairing Chuck's door, that the camera zoomed in on a propane tank in Chuck's house. Knowing Vince Gilligan from watching all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad and the past 3 seasons of Better Call Saul is that he is always very careful and puts these camera angles in there to foreshadow certain events in the future. The lantern and the propane tank would not go well together and I think this could very well lead to Chuck dying, which would be the last straw for Jimmy McGill and to finally give us Saul Goodman. 

      • POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING HERE**                                                                                                      Michael McKean was interviewed awhile back and he said while talking about his character, "Don't get too attached." Did he let it slip that Chuck is going to die in Season 3? Something to keep in mind as well. 

    Overall, I stand by this theory of mine. I think it makes alot of sense and we will have to see what happens. But I think if Jimmy is going to become Saul, I can see Chuck's death being the cause of that. If this is the case, Michael McKean will definitely be missed on the show. While we all hate Chuck, he definitely brought life to him and there would definitely be a void left on the show without him there. 

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    • Hello,
      Interesting theory. In my opinion, the lantern will play à major role : Jimmy will use it somehow to counterattack Chuck. Kim and Jimmy's small combo, not to mention the tape directly but a miscellaneous item destroyed, seems important. On the bottom, I think will try to demonstrate that Chuck no longer has his head and is no longer able to be autonomous. Maybe it will actually end up worse than expected.
      I made another post on the forum about it: for me, it will go badly and all will lose something in this story.

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    • I think Chuck will die and I do believe it will be something accidental

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    • ThePenguin called it 2k17

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    • Turksh wrote:
      ThePenguin called it 2k17

      I guess so, depending on if he really is dead or not, haha. 

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    • You called it pretty accurately, suicide by gas Lantern.

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    • damn dude

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    • The episodes starts with Chuck and Jimmy celebrating their brotherhood in a lantern lit tent. Perhaps Chuck's repulse for electricity is just a subconscious need to live those moments again. He first manifested symptoms after opposing Jimmy's association to HHM, and the crisis reached its pick after he definitely cut ties with his brother. Guilt triggers the condition. The episode ends with the symbol of his lost brotherhood burning his law books, along with himself. An ultimate sign of regret. 

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    • Turkish,

      And Kit Harrington also "confirmed" Jon Snow was for sure dead and never ever coming back on Game of Thrones. You cant take anyone from a shows word for it, they will lie just to mislead you. Thats not to say Chuck isnt dead, he probably is, but I wouldnt just take someone from the show's word for it.

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    • The Coleman Lantern has always been a symbol in Better Call Saul.

      It was there in the first episode "Uno" (BCS, S01E01) and most of the time we are in Chuck's house, that lantern is always on, either in the Living Room or in the Kitchen.

      In a way, that lantern probably symbolizes Chuck McGill, Jr. and in the Season 3 finalé, that lantern is in the first scene where big brother Chuck is reading The Adventures of Mabel to little brother Jimmy, who was probably around 5 or 6 and Chuck was a teenager in that tent and a Coleman Lantern was also a fixture in that tent.

      In a way, that lantern probably has the same value in the story of Chuck in Better Call Saul as that stuffed toy recovered from the White family's swimming pool had after Wayfarer Flight 515 crashed over the White's neighborhood in Breaking Bad at the end of Season 2--that stuffed toy turned into a symbol for that show, with its patterns of injury repeating itself time and again, from the way Gustavo Fringman died to the injuries that Jesse suffered at that hands of Todd Alquist towards the end of the series.

      Perhaps this lantern is symbolic in the same way telling us about what happens when the lantern is lit and how life around it happens, but sooner-or-later, that lantern will no longer be lit, or that it will be a factor in how things end and that this lantern is a device used as foreshadowing, much like that stuffed toy was.

      Remember that we did not see how that scene in the tent ended, even though the scene dissolved around that lantern.

      Perhaps something back then happened similarly to both Chuck and Jimmy in that tent and in Chuck's life at the end of Season 3, it looked like history may be repeating itself--I'm sure we will be finding that out in Season 4.

      All those little scenes at the beginning of some of the epsodes about the past are there because they have meaning to what's going on in the present thread as well as in the future thread with "Gene" and just like Breaking Bad, all those scenes will come together and make sense over the course of the series.

      Just remember how we left "Gene" at the beginning of Season 3 and that the lantern may be symbolic to him as it was for his older brother Chuck, however, the light that may be going out in Chuck's life at the end of Season 3 may be symbolic of the light probably going out in Jimmy/"Saul"/"Gene"'s life in the post-Breaking Bad world and that "Gene" may be suffering from a similar affliction in his life that also affected Chuck and that may be manifesting itself in that outburst at the mall and then his nervous breakdown and passing out at the Cinnabon.

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    • Damn bro, you called it

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    • I've though for a long time that a fire would be a big turning point in this series. These writers told us this is very subtle ways: Smoke on the water song, Lake Michigan Standpipe

      Biggest foreshadow that Chuck would die in a fire-- The Fire Exit signs hangng over his head during Jimmy's legal hearing

      Biggest foreshadow that Jimmy will be blamed for the fire-- Clifford main telling Jimmy in seaon 2

      " Jesus, Howard told me you were a little eccentic, but he didn't tell me you were a damn arsonist"

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