• The bomb on Hector's wheelchair was powerful enough to knock down the door of his room, and Gus was no more than three feet away from the bomb when it exploded. How could Gus have survived for even a minute — let alone walked out of the room and adjusted his tie as if nothing had happened?

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    • I always just assume they just wanted to make sure we know he's dead. Plain and simple. Dead with no way of coming back. Yeah, it's a strange way to show it off, there's no way he should be walking, let alone be only partially burned. They just wanted to make suer people wouldnt be able to speculate that "Gus is alive. He'll be back in season 5. We never saw him die. That proves it."

      But yeah, it was really weird. Especially since I'm sure we saw a leg hanging from something. That was a pretty powerful explosion. Even if Gus was alive for a few minutes after, he's most likely not even be able to walk. The shrapnel would have cut his legs off at least.

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    • I think he should've died instantly. I cannot think of any medical reason this would be possible, but it sure does leave a hell of an impression, and I think that is what they were going for.

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    • I think this was the most needlessly drawn out death in the show. I would have been happy if they had, say, a shot of the whole room from the ceiling and a frame or two of the bomb blowing all three people to bits, and then showing some kind of exterior shot, either from the hallway or the outside window.

      When I saw Gus walk out of the room the first time I saw the episode, I was thoroughly confused and taken out of the moment. Then it showed his face and then I was just upset at how little sense it made to show that at all.

      I mean, the show has gotten away with some gruesome deaths (like Emilio and Tortuga and the one Cousin) but Gus's death scene seemed way too over-produced and played just for shock.

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    • yeah kinda weird. maybe when he jumped up he tried to use the char as a cover maybe but he was still hit. he should've been blown to pieces realistically but like you said, they wanted a shocking death.

      maybe the side of his body that was damged was from trying to ru n out of the room. they never showed tyrus'; body so maybe he was blown entirely to pieces but hector makes sense as we was sitting on the bomb

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