The Superlab was a large-scale laboratory facility costing approximately eight million dollars. It was located under an industrial laundry business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Superlab was financed by Gustavo Fring and constructed for the purpose of manufacturing industrial amounts of illicit methamphetamine, and thus played a vital role in the expansion of Gus' Drug Empire. The lab was capable of cooking between 100 and 300 pounds of meth per week. The lab's layout was designed by chemist Gale Boetticher, who specified its every detail, including the apparatus required. It was utilized by Gale, Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman to produce Walter's signature blue meth. It was destroyed by a massive chemical fire.


Season 2

The term is first used by Tuco Salamanca in Season 2, who, after having all of his bases raided by the DEA, kidnaps Walter White and Jesse Pinkman with plans to smuggle the pair into Mexico. There, he said he planned to take Walt to some place "far out in the jungle" where his cartel cousins would set him up with a superlab to cook full-time ("Grilled").

Season 3

3x05 Mas 2

The superlab before it was fully set up

"Been working a lot...It's in a laundromat, it's totally corporate...It's like rigid, all kinds of red tape, my boss is a dick, the owner, super dick, don't know if we're ever going to meet him, everybody's scared of the dude. Place is full of dead-eyed douchebags, the hours suck, and nobody knows what's going on."
―Jesse describing his work in Gustavo Fring's meth lab to his rehab group.[src]

Gustavo Fring had a superlab put together underneath his industrial laundry property by Gale Boetticher in his move to break away from the Mexican drug cartels. Receiving chemical deliveries every week and fitted with a state-of-the-art filtration system, the facility was capable of producing hundreds of pounds of meth a week - Gus says that he requires a minimum of 200 pounds to make the lab profitable ("Más").

Gus recruited Walt as his chief chemist with Gale as an assistant, though Gale was later replaced with Jesse at Walt's insistence. The meth produced in this lab was "Blue Sky," and was shipped out across the Southwest through Los Pollos Hermanos trucks, concealed in buckets of frying batter ("Kafkaesque").

Season 4


To keep Walt in check, Gus installed security cameras in the superlab to be able to monitor Walt's activities. He also ensured that either Mike Ehrmantraut or Tyrus Kitt was present at all cooks. ("Madrigal")

Hank Schrader recognized that the industrial laundry was suspicious because it was owned by Madrigal Electromotive GmbH and would be "one hell of a place to hide a meth lab." Hank was still unable to drive so he had Walt take him there, but Walt intentionally got his car into an accident to avoid the visit. Nevertheless, Gus was aware that Walt drove Hank to the laundry ("Crawl Space").


Walter standing in the superlab

Following the assassination of Gus, Walt headed to the superlab, where he killed 2 of Gus' guards, who were holding Jesse hostage and forcing him to cook at gunpoint. Walt informed Jesse that Gus was dead, and that they have "work to do". They then proceeded to destroy the lab, by disabling the sprinkler system, spilling hundreds of gallons of flammable chemicals and solvents onto the floor and lab equipment, and rigging an electrical timer to create a spark. They quickly left the lab, wiping their fingerprints away as they exited the basement of the laundry. They pulled the fire alarm and told the laundry crew to leave, just as the timer tripped, and the lab went up in flames. ("Face Off")

Season 5

Superlab destroy

Hank and Gomez surveying the wreckage of the superlab ("Live Free or Die")

Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez toured the charred remains of the superlab in dismay that the fire had destroyed any evidence. Hank noticed a camera on the ceiling with great interest. ("Live Free or Die")


  • The name of the laundry business that serves as a cover for Gus's superlab was Lavandería Brillante.
  • The forklift used in the lab was a Crown RR 5700 Series.