The Southwest Aniline is the warehouse where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have stolen a barrel of Methylamine.


Walter and Jesse decide to cook their meth using a different method, but that means they need new equipment. Jesse gets all but an essential chemical. He tells Walt that he has to pay some gang $10,000 to steal it from the warehouse as it is behind closed steel doors and guards. Once there, they lock a guard in a porta-potty and use thermite to break through the lock on the door to the warehouse. They then carry the barrel of the chemical back to Jesse's House. ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal")

Hank watches a security tape of an indistinguishable Walter and Jesse robbing the warehouse. ("Seven Thirty-Seven")


  • In real life, it seems to be a power-plant located just south of Albuquerque.