The inside of the compound from Walt and Jesse's viewpoint outside.

Southwest Aniline is a location in seen in the first season of Breaking Bad in the episode A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal, and in the second season in the episode Seven Thirty-Seven. It is said to be located "just south" of Albuquerque.

In the episode in season 1, Walter and Jesse decide to cook their meth using a different method, but that means they need new equipment. Jesse gets all but an essential chemical. He tells Walt that he has to pay some gang $10,000 to steal it from the warehouse as it is behind closed steel doors and guards. Once there, they lock a guard in a porta-potty and use thermite to break through the lock on the door to the warehouse. They then carry the barrel of the chemical back to Jesse's House.

In the episode in season 2, it is featured in a security tape of Walt and Jesse robbing the warehouse which is watched by Hank.