Sobchak is a loudmouth criminal who was considered for hire as a bodyguard for Pryce.


Season 1

Sobchak learns that Mike Ehrmantraut isn't carrying a gun and recommends that Pryce split more money between himself and Man Mountain as Mike didn't even come armed to the meeting. A standoff occurs between both men when Mike claims that if he needs a gun, he'll simply take one of Sobchak's and Sobchak holds his pistol at Mike's head, urging him to take the gun. Mike disarms Sobchak and clubs him in the trachea with the butt of the gun, sending Sobchak to the ground and clutching his throat as he gasps for air. Mike then takes all of Sobchak's weapons, asking Man Mountain if he wants one, and Man Mountain responds by fleeing. Mike then throws all of Sobchak's weapons into a trash can before leaving for the drug-deal with Pryce. ("Pimento")


Better Call Saul

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