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Smith & Wesson M945
S&W 945 stainless
TypeSemi-automatic pistol

ManufacturerSmith & Wesson



OwnerRival Dealers

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The Smith & Wesson 945 is a single-action, .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol from Smith & Wesson. It incorporates features from the M1911 pistol series, such as a SA-only trigger, a grip safety, and a frame-mounted thumb safety, and is the predecessor to the Smith & Wesson 4500 pistol series. The 945 can be distinguished from a M1911 by the unique contours on the slide and by the internal safety mechanism inside the slide, which is externally visible as a black circle where the S&W 4506's safety switch would be located.

Season 3

A Smith & Wesson 945 is used by the Rival Dealers and by Walter White to shoot one of the surviving dealers after running him over ("Half Measures").

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