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Original run February 8, 2015 - April 6, 2015
No. of Episodes 10
Next Season 2
Home video release
DVD release
Blu-ray Disc release

The first season of the American television drama series Better Call Saul premiered on February 8, 2015. It consists of 10 episodes, each running approximately 50 minutes in length.


The series is a spin-off from Breaking Bad, following the life of criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  1. "Uno"
  2. "Mijo"
  3. "Nacho"
  4. "Hero"
  5. "Alpine Shepherd Boy"
  6. "Five-O"
  7. "Bingo"
  8. "RICO"
  9. "Pimento"
  10. "Marco"

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  • Each title of Season One's episodes ends with the letter O, save for "Alpine Shepherd Boy".
    • The exception was made due to the original name being "Jell-O", but needing replacement due to commercial licensing issues.

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