Salerno is a detective.


Season 2

At the police station, Jimmy accompanies Daniel to an interrogation room where Detective Salerno and another detective are waiting for him. Daniel nervously explains to the two detectives that he no longer needs their help. He successfully hired a private investigator to track down his baseball cards, so: case closed. Salerno and the other detective attempt to press for more details, but Jimmy encourages him to leave the room and get a little air. Alone with the detectives, Jimmy explains that he knows the police have discovered the hiding space behind Daniel's baseboards, and are, understandably, suspicious. Jimmy assures them that it is not used for anything illicit, but admits that it involves a private matter between Daniel and his (fictitious) “art patron.” The secret compartment in Daniel's living room is used to store “Crybaby Squat Cobbler” fetish videos that Daniel would send to his patron—that is, until the two had a spat and the spiteful patron stole the videos and the baseball cards. Since then, hearts have mended, the art patron has returned all stolen property, and Daniel does not wish to press charges. Salerno and the other detective accept Jimmy's story and let Daniel go. ("Cobbler")


Better Call Saul

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