Chuck: "Mom? Mom?"
Ruth: "Jimmy?"
Chuck: "No, Mom, it's me Chuck."
Ruth: "Jimmy..."
Chuck: "No, Mom, it's m............"
―Chuck and Ruth seconds before her death.[src]
Ruth McGill was Chuck and Jimmy's mother. She was from Wisconsin and later moved to Cicero ("Marco"). In 1992, she called Chuck to help Jimmy after he was arrested for performing a Chicago sunroof ("Nacho"). Mrs. McGill died in 1999 ("Marco"). On her deathbed, with Chuck at her side, Ruth briefly awoke and called out for Jimmy. Chuck tried to tell her it was him but Ruth continued asking for Jimmy. Before Chuck could tell her it was him, Ruth then passed away; her last words calling for Jimmy.

When Jimmy later asked Chuck if Ruth had said anything before she died, Chuck out of jealousy and anger said no ("Klick").


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