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Ricky Sipes
Ricky Sipes
Portrayed byJoe Berryman

Full NameRicky Sipes




First Appearance"Alpine Shepherd Boy"

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Ricky Sipes was a wealthy Albuquerque resident who wished to secede from the United States.


Season 1

Jimmy visits Ricky Sipes at his home. Ricky offers Jimmy $1 million in cash to help him declare his property a sovereign state and secede from the United States. Jimmy's excitement at the windfall quickly dissipates when he looks at his payment and sees Big Ricky, doing his best impression of a solemn-faced American president, staring back at him—the eccentric mogul has printed his own currency, and Jimmy can't take a single dollar of it to the bank. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")


Season 1 (Better Call Saul)

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