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Richard "Rick" Schweikart is the attorney for Sandpiper Crossing.


Season 1

Richard calls Jimmy about wanting him to stop pursuing Sandpiper. Rick tells him that the only reason why he is calling him is because he is an old acquaintance of Chuck and is only calling out of professional courtesy to Chuck. Later, at his office, Richard receives a fax that includes a new, proper demand letter from Jimmy and Chuck and along with it, copies of reassembled Sandpiper Crossing billing statements. Richard and his team arrive at Chuck's house to negotiate with them.

Richard lays out his proposal: Some Sandpiper Crossing residents were indeed over-billed, the result of an innocent accounting error. He offers $100,000 to reimburse the residents and cover legal fees, with the caveat that Sandpiper Crossing admits no wrongdoing. Jimmy tells him that the inclusion of interstate commerce means RICO provisions kick in, elevating the case to fraud and entitling his clients to much higher damages. After a moment of intense private discussion with his team, Rick asks Jimmy what number he's got in mind. Chuck, thus far silent, finally speaks up: "$20 million. Or we'll see you in court." Richard and his team leave. ("RICO")

Richard seeks a restraining order against Jimmy on the grounds that his "loud and flamboyant" nature disturbs the routine of the Sandpiper Crossing residents. The judge doesn't buy it, and rules in Jimmy's favor. ("Pimento")

Season 2

Following a case involving Sandpiper, Richard has dinner with Kim Wexler and admits that he has had his eye on her and that he admires that she went out swinging in the courtroom despite being on the losing end of the case and offers her a position at Schweikart and Cokely as they could use a lot more attorneys like her. ("Bali Ha'i")

Richard has a meeting with Kim to see if she is fit for the job. Once their interview is over, Richard tells her that him and his colleagues like her and that they will give her a reply on if she got the job or not by tomorrow. ("Inflatable")


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