"Quite a Ride" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Better Call Saul and the thirty-fifth episode of the series altogether.



Just before the events of "Granite State", at the offices of Saul Goodman & Associates, Saul retrieves a satchel full of cash from the ceiling while Francesca shreds documents. Saul tears open the "We the People" wallpaper behind his desk and takes out his shoebox, which he places inside his luggage. He hands over two wads of cash and Ed's business card to Francesca. Saul offers Francesca a hug before she leaves to dispose of the shredded documents, but she scoffs and walks out. He then takes out a disposable cell phone from his desk drawer and calls Ed.

Act I

At CC Mobile, Jimmy initially struggles to attract business despite the massive sign he painted on the storefront windows. After an indeterminate amount of time, a pickup truck pulls up and a customer steps into the store. When the customer, the owner of a contracting business, asks whether Jimmy's services can protect him from the IRS, Jimmy offers him a disposable cell phone that he can use to communicate without being eavesdropped or tracked. Jimmy is ultimately able to sell a whole stack of burner phones to the customer.

In Denver, a Frenchman steps off an airport shuttle and approaches a rental car. Inside, he finds a cell phone and gets a call from Mike, who gives him directions to a wooded area in the Colorado Rockies. The Frenchman stops at a mile marker and receives another call from Mike, instructing him to don a hood found in the trunk and wait next to the road. Mike and a cohort, Nick, put the Frenchman in the back of a windowless van and drive hundreds of miles to Albuquerque. The Frenchman, a structural engineer, finds himself at Lavanderia Brilliante, where he conducts cursory measurements of the building's interior for the excavation of a new basement. He confidently concludes that he can do it in the span of at least six months, more time than a tunnel he once dug under the U.S.-Mexico border. After receiving a short phone call, Mike thanks the Frenchman for his time and unceremoniously drives him back to his car in the Rockies with a return plane ticket in his breast pocket.

Act II

At the courthouse, Kim is doing public defender work, presumably at the behest of Judge Munsinger. She is defending a teenaged boy, David Estrada, who has been charged with throwing a cinder block through a jewelry store window. Kim negotiates with DDA Bill Oakley, confronting him with the fact that David was arrested based on a statement he gave to police before he was read his rights. Oakley is forced to agree to her plea agreement giving David four months' probation with time served. Outside the courtroom, when David expresses ingratitude for getting his sentence reduced, Kim urges him to go back to his grandfather, beg for a job, and turn his life around.

That night, Jimmy suggests he and Kim watch Doctor Zhivago on television, but Kim tells him she needs to review Viola's paperwork for Mesa Verde. Jimmy tries to watch the film while Kim does her work, but grows restless and turns the TV off. He falsely tells her he has things to do at work despite the late hour. Back at CC Mobile, Jimmy types out receipts, sorts cash in the register, and takes a large stock of burner phones before leaving the store.


Jimmy approaches three youths in his car and offers them burner phones, but they dismiss him as a "narc" and tell him to beat it. Jimmy goes to Day Spa and Nail, looks through his stock of tacky clothes, and dons a tracksuit. He walks up to shady characters at the Dog House, who prove to be more willing to purchase the phones, sometimes in bulk. Eventually, Jimmy sees the Dog House's patrons leave as a biker gang rolls in. Although he is intimidated by the bikers, Jimmy approaches them with the last of his supply and manages to convince them to make purchases. After the bikers leave, and Jimmy is about to drive away, he is mugged by the three youths from before. Jimmy's money is stolen after he is beaten.

Act IV

Kim wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to find Jimmy in the bathroom, tending to his injuries from the mugging. After she treats him with ice and iodine, Jimmy criticizes himself for misreading the situation and not recognizing the youths as muggers sooner. Jimmy suddenly agrees to see the therapist Kim recommended.

The following morning, Jimmy spends the day removing his sign from the CC Mobile storefront. Meanwhile, Kim takes a taxi to the home of a woman named Denise, who is an hour late to her appearance in court over a drug possession charge. While she persuades Denise to come with her the courthouse, Kim mutes an incoming phone call. While Denise changes, Kim receives a second call; it's Paige, who tells her that an error has come up in Viola's paperwork and that Kim is needed right away. Kim hangs up on Paige before leaving the house with Denise. Later, at Mesa Verde, Paige admonishes Kim for hanging up on her and reminds Kim that she promised to put her focus solely on Mesa Verde. Kim apologizes and promises that it won't happen again, to which Paige curtly replies, "I hope not."

Act V

Mike transports another structural engineer, Werner Ziegler, to Lavanderia Brilliante. After making much more thorough measurements of the building, particularly an area around one of the laundry machines, Ziegler explains the logistical challenges of excavating the area beneath the industrial laundry without compromising the building or drawing attention from people above-ground. Gus emerges from the shadows and asks if Ziegler is saying the job is impossible; Ziegler replies that it will be difficult, dangerous and expensive, but not impossible. Impressed, Gus introduces himself to Ziegler and greets him in German, taking him on for the job.

Jimmy steps into the courthouse restroom and finds Howard, who appears fidgety and disheveled. Despite initially insisting that everything is fine, Howard admits to Jimmy that he has been suffering from insomnia. Jimmy suggests that he see Kim's therapist, but Howard replies that he is already seeing someone twice a week. After Howard leaves, Jimmy tears up the business card of Kim's therapist and flushes it down the toilet. Later, while submitting to his court-mandated PPD check-in, Jimmy lies to his PPD supervisor about meeting with known criminals. When the supervisor asks what Jimmy plans to do once his PPD is up, Jimmy goes off on a small tirade about how he will get his law license back, reestablish his legal partnership with Kim, and become a "damn good lawyer" who people are going to know about.

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  • "It's the best money can buy." echoes what Saul Goodman will say to Badger during his first scene in Breaking Bad. ("Better Call Saul")
  • The box that Saul extracts from the wall of his office is the same one that Gene searches for an old videotape of Saul Goodman's commercials. ("Uno").





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Filming Locations

  • CC Mobile located at 5805 Menual Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM, Where Jimmy is working is shown again a few times in this episode.
  • The Wash Tub laundry mat at 101 11th NW Albuquerque NM. Jimmy goes out to sell some pay as you go phones. He visits the Wash Tub Laundry Mat.
  • The Dog House at 1258 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque NM. Also seen in the scene where Jimmy is selling phones. Featured a few times in Breaking Bad episodes.

Featured Music

  • "Even the Nights Are Better" by Air Suplly (Jimmy in the cell phone store)
  • "Your Love Rolled Over Me" by Timothy (Jimmy in the cell phone store)
  • "I Don't Mind" by Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley & Stephen Lang (Jimmy in the cell phone store)
  • "Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago" by Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (Jimmy watching TV, Kim working)
  • "Street Life" by Crusaders feat Randy Crawford (Jimmy driving around Alberquerque at night trying to sell cell phones)

Memorable Quotes

"So... lawyer. Yeah, lawyer."
―Jimmy's answer to his probation officer about what he will do after his PPD.

"It's the best that money can buy."
―Jimmy pretending to be on a phone conversation with a client, to get the attention of a potential customer.