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Quest Kodiak 100

ModelKodiak 100


License plateXA-8AC

ClassLight transport aircraft

OwnerJuárez Cartel

First appearance"Salud"

Last appearance"Salud"

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The Quest Kodiak 100 is the aircraft which flies Jesse Pinkman, Gustavo Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut in to Mexico to meet with the Juárez Cartel("Salud").

The aircraft was likely owned by the Cartel or a mercenary force they were partnered with. A skilled pilot would have undoubtedly been required to handle the dangerous and illegal regular smuglingg flights. It likely originated from somewhere near Juarez, CH and flew north to the area around Albuquerque, NM. It would have to to fly under the radar to avoid detection by Mexican and American law enforcement. After picking up members of the Fring Cartel it flew back across the border to Mexico. Likely landing at an airfield controlled by the Juarez Cartel for smuggling.

The aircraft's registration number beginig with XA means that it is registered with Mexican commercial aviation. Mexico has three registrations for planes with XB being privately owned and XC being government operated.

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