Mrs. Strauss is an elderly woman.


Season 1

Jimmy comes to Mrs. Strauss' house. She is an elderly woman who collects porcelain Hummel figurines. He assists her with estate planning, which mostly consists of allocating various Hummels to different friends and relatives. Mrs. Strauss finds Jimmy's moxie quite charming, and pays his full fee upfront. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")

Season 2

Jimmy asks Mrs. Strauss to star in his commercial for Davis & Main. In the commercial Mrs. Strauss tearfully admits that her life savings disappeared when she moved to an assisted living facility. ("Amarillo")

Mrs. Strauss appears in the finalized version of Jimmy's commercial for his own law firm. ("Klick")


Better Call Saul

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Season 2
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During her appearance in Jimmy's commercial for Davis and Main, Mrs. Strauss references the infamous quote from Sunset Boulevard by Gloria Swanson: "I'm ready for my close-up."