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Mr. Ughetta is a commissioner.


Season 2

Mr. Ughetta meets with Chuck and Howard, who are representing Kevin Wachtell and Paige Novick of Mesa Verde Bank & Trust. Kevin starts to deliver an opening statement in support of the application, arguing that Mesa Verde's new bank branch is beneficial for everyone. The argument is cut off when an aide delivers a file to Mr. Ughetta. Taken off guard by the sudden interruption, Chuck asks what is going on, and the aide asks if he can clarify for them the address of the proposed Scottsdale branch. Chuck recites the address, or rather, the phony address created by Jimmy's forgery - 1216 Rosella Drive. The hearing breaks down as the plaintiffs and board members try to figure out why the application lists one address but the original submission lists another (and the actual) address, 1261 Rosella Drive. Things get worse when Chuck refuses to believe, in spite of the documents Kevin and Paige have brought with them, that the '1216' address is wrong, greatly frustrating them. Mr. Ughetta tells them that they will have to return in six weeks with correct paperwork. ("Nailed")


Better Call Saul

Season 2

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