The McGill Residence was the home of Chuck McGill and formerly his ex-wife Rebecca Bois.


Season 1

Jimmy visits Chuck to try to convince him to buy out of HHM. Chuck argues that he will get better and be able to go back to work. ("Uno")

After getting really drunk, Jimmy crashes on Chuck's couch but forgets to ground himself. Chuck takes Jimmy's phone out of his pants' pocket and tosses it into the lawn. Chuck finds the hospital bill for the broken legs of the twins and Jimmy tries to convince him that he did it for a good reason. ("Mijo")

Jimmy tells Chuck that he been getting more clients and that he's learned that following the rules works. However, Chuck realizes that the Albuquerque newspaper is missing and becomes suspicious that Jimmy is up to something. Chuck leaves the house in his space blanket to get the paper and when he gets back he see's the article of Jimmy saving the construction worker. ("Hero")

The cops arrive at Chuck's house and kick down the door when Chuck will not let them in. It is later told by Chuck in the hospital that the officers tasered him. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")

Jimmy and Chuck meet with the attornies from Schweikart and Cokely to discuss the Sandpiper case. ("RICO")

Season 2

Season 3


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  • The McGill Residence is in the same neighborhood as Jesse's house, about two minutes walk from each other.