"Marie's Confession" is the fourth Minisodes of Breaking Bad.


The minisode begins with Marie Schrader getting her video camera ready. The first think she says is that if Hank Schrader is watching this for some reason then he needs to turn it off. She notes that if he found this video then that means that he was looking through her shoe closet and she has repeatedly asked him not to do that. She composes herself and introduces herself as Marie Schrader. She says that this is a video diary that her court appointed therapist asked her to do. She notes that her therapist diagnosed her as being high strung. She then retracts that statement and says that she only knew that because she peeked at his notes that he was writing down about her. She says that his diagnosis was not only insulting, but it was also untrue. She doesn't know it's painfully untrue or if it's patently untrue because it is patent leather shoes. She then digresses and talks about people pronouncing Haley's Comet incorrectly just like how she can't decide whether it's painfully or patently untrue. She says that it is probably related to America and says that the country is inferior to the British. She wonders if that will go on for 200-300 more years. She recounts the Revolutionary War occurring that long ago in 1776. She further digresses and starts talking about Madonna. She says that Madonna was born in Jersey City and is nothing like the Queen of England yet she thinks that she is just as important as her. She yells at Madonna to stop talking like Helen Mirren did in her film about Queen Elizabeth because it's embarrassing to America. She then starts talking about buying a bra that looked like one Madonna used in her concerts. She says she bought it for a Halloween costume and was surprised that it was actually a comfortable bra. She says she feels more powerful in this moment and says that she is going to say patently from now on. She says that she is her own woman and tells Dave that she is progress in the making. The minisode ends with Marie taking a deep breath and shutting the camera off.