Manuel Varga is the manager of an upholstery shop and the father of Nacho Varga. As described by Nacho, he is a simple man.


Better Call Saul

Mike tracks Nacho down to Manuel's upholstery shop. He is greeted by Manuel and pretends to be interested in reupholstering his car in order to get Nacho’s attention. ("Cobbler")

Nacho goes to his father's home and admits that he is still working for the Salamanca. He warns his father of Hector's intentions and begs him not to do anything "stupid". Manuel refuses and tells Nacho to get out of the house, which he obliges. ("Fall")

Nacho gives Hector a tour of Manuel's upholstery shop and explains how it will be used for Salamanca's drug business. Hector approaches Manuel and offers him several hundred dollars, but Manuel tells him to get out of the shop. Nacho reasons his father, but Hector announces that he doesn't trust Manuel, which is similar to a death sentence. ("Lantern")


Better Call Saul

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