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This wiki documents the fictional universe created by Vince Gilligan and his colleagues — a fiction primarily led by the characters of Walter White and his one-time lawyer, Saul Goodman. Whether you're just trying to catch up on the latest episode, or trying to help us expand our content, you're very welcome here!

Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston on Walter White Talking Bad07:07

Bryan Cranston on Walter White Talking Bad

Begun in 2008 on AMC, Breaking Bad chronicled the life of Walter White, a terminal lung cancer patient and high school chemistry teacher. Desperate for a way to take care of his family after his inevitable death, he turned to meth production once he discovers the fabulous, quick wealth it brings. The show ended in 2013.

Better Call Saul
Extended Trailer Better Call Saul02:01

Extended Trailer Better Call Saul

A series that is at once prequel and sequel to Breaking Bad, 2014's Better Call Saul explores the life of Saul Goodman, Walter White's somewhat dubious lawyer. Although it contains "flash forwards" to the time following the last episode of Breaking Bad, it is primarily set in 2002 — when the character was known as Jimmy McGill.

Latest episode


"Marco" is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Better Call Saul and the tenth episode of the series altogether. Jimmy McGill reconnects with an old friend.

Featured article

BBWA OzymandiasTJ

Ozymandias is the fourteenth episode of the fifth season of Breaking Bad and the sixtieth episode of the series altogether. Walter White tries to save Hank Schrader's life. Flynn discovers a horrible truth. Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances.

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Did you know ...

  • ...that Anna Gunn actually learned how to play poker in order to know what she was talking about? She spent days challenging the cast and crew to play her.
  • ...that Jesse's house was sold while the show's second season was being shot; Every interior shot from season three onward was actually a set built to be slightly bigger than the real thing?
  • ...that Anna Gunn was fighting a mysterious illness that required a medicine called Cortisone, which affected her weight during production?
  • ...that regarding the pills that Gus takes in "Salud", the team researched and found "activated charcoal" tablets that apparently can soak up poison and help delay the actions of it?

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