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"Mabel" is the first episode of the third season of Better Call Saul and the twenty-first episode of the series altogether.


In present-day Omaha, "Gene" carries on with his job at the local Cinnabon. During a lunch break, Gene sees a shoplifter hide inside a photo booth. He reluctantly tips off pursuing police officers to the shoplifter's location, resulting in his arrest. However, as the shoplifter is led away, Gene is overcome with emotion and shouts at him to say nothing and hire a lawyer. When he returns to work, Gene faints.


BCS 3x01 04

Following Jimmy's confession to forging the Mesa Verde documents, Chuck hides the tape recorder in a desk drawer while Jimmy phones Howard. When he returns, Jimmy helps Chuck remove the foil covering his living room. When Jimmy finds an old copy of The Adventures of Mabel -- a book Chuck read to him when he was young -- the two brothers briefly reminisce about their childhood. However, Chuck cuts the nostalgia short and tells Jimmy that he will neither forgive nor forget what he has done. "And you will pay" Chuck says.

Jimmy returns to Kim's office to give her an update on Chuck, and remarks that he had forgotten what it felt like to have his brother not hate him. Meanwhile, Chuck invites Howard to his house and plays him the tape of Jimmy's confession. While Howard is livid, he reminds Chuck that the tape cannot be legally used as evidence against Jimmy, nor can it be used to win Mesa Verde back to HHM. Chuck suggests that he has something else in mind.

After finding the mysterious message on his windshield in the desert, Mike understands that he is being watched and possibly in danger. He drives at break-neck speeds to flee the reserve in his station wagon. His first intuition is that someone has placed a tracking device on his vehicle. Not easily able to spot it, he stops in a junkyard and begins to meticulously disassemble the vehicle. After unsuccessful search hours and while the junkyard is about to close, Mike has an epiphany : he takes apart the wagon's fuel cap and finds a tracking device inside. At home, he finds and examines another device hidden in his Chrysler sedan, recording its ID number. Mike contacts Caldera and tasks him with finding information about the device.

BCS 3x01 08

Captain Bauer confronts Jimmy about fraudulently gaining access to his base to shoot the commercial. After momentarily cracking, Jimmy defiantly refuses Bauer's demand to take it off the air. Bauer warns Jimmy that smart little guys like him, who do not play straight, always end up paying. Before leaving Jimmy and Kim's Offices, he yells at Jimmy's other clients: "A lawyer you can trust: my ass!"

BCS 3x01 10
BCS 3x01 11

During a visit to Chuck's house, Ernesto brings special batteries in addition to the usual products at the request of Chuck. Feigning not to be able to change the batteries of the tape recorder on which he fraudulently registered Jimmy's confession, due to his medical condition, he asked Ernesto to do so. When Ernesto finished changing the batteries, the tape recorder, whose play button seems to have been accidentally turned on, begins reading a small passage of Jimmy's confession, sufficiently explicit for Ernesto to grasp the gravity of what he has just heard. Chuck pressures Ernesto to never tell anyone on the pretext of confidentiality. Destabilized, Ernesto hastenes to finish putting away the food he had to bring to Chuck and left precipitately. Chuck seems pleased to have managed what appears to be the first step in his machiavellian plan against Jimmy.

After hearing Paige praise her work ethic, a conflicted Kim asks to hang onto the corrected Mesa Verde documents for one more night. Kim obsesses over a single punctuation mark on her final report to Mesa Verde, reluctant to submit it and profit from Jimmy's fraud.

BCS 3x01 12

Mike obtains an identical tracking device from Caldera. He replaces the original device in the Chrysler with his own, draining the original's battery while he waits next to his window. Eventually, someone arrives to replace the tracker, unwittingly giving Mike the means to follow them. After arming himself and leaving his fuel cap behind, Mike drives into the night and begins his pursuit.


Main Cast

Guest Starring



  • Richard Beal as Shopper

Official Photos


  • Jimmy's elderly female client, when listing flowers, includes Lily of the Valley, the plant Walt used to poison Brock in Breaking Bad.
  • A shot of Mike hiding the tracker on his car before going for a drive directly mirrors a similar shot of Gus doing the same in Season 4 of Breaking Bad.
  • Another scene directly mirroring Breaking Bad is when "Gene" faints in the teaser similar to Walter White fainting in Pilot.

Memorable Quotes

"Say nothing, you understand? Get a lawyer-get a lawyer!"
―Gene shouting at the shoplifter.

"Jimmy, don't think I'll ever forget what happened here today. And you WILL pay."
―Chuck cutting short of nostalgia for his brother.

Kim: "Are you mad?"
Jimmy: "I'm not mad-I'm just thinking about things. For 10 minutes today Chuck didn't hate me. I forgot what that felt like."
—Kim and Jimmy in their offices.

Howard: "Chuck, if that tape is useless in a court of law, and no help in the court of public opinion, what's the point? Because I can't think of a single use for it."
Chuck: "I can."
—Howard and Chuck discussing about Jimmy's confession.

Jimmy: "I'am a lawyer, and this is what I do all day, every day, so about this? I won't fly jet planes. You stay out of court. Does that sound good?"
Bauer: "You know, guys like you... you think you're so damn smart. And you think ou don't have to play straight with anybody. The wheel is gonna turn. It always does."
—Jimmy and Bauer arguing about the TV commercial.

""A lawyer you can trust", my ass!"
―Bauer yelling at Jimmy's other clients.

Featured Music

  • "Sugar Town" by Nancy Sinatra (Played during the "Gene" montage at the beginning of the episode.)

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