Lyle is the Assistant Manager of Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant in Better Call Saul.


Season 3

Hector, flanked by Nacho and Arturo, walks into Gus' restaurant and behaves menacingly towards the customers and staff, including Lyle, helping himself to some soda and lighting a cigar. Gus is summoned from a visit at the local fire department and finds his workers held hostage. After sending them home, Gus confronts Hector in his back office. The following morning, Gus addresses his employees and apologizes for the distress caused by the previous day's events. Lyle questions his boss about Hector and his men. After giving a rousing speech about how in America the righteous have no reason to fear and how those men no longer have power over him, Gus wins the moral support of his employees. ("Sabrosito")


Better Call Saul

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