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Breaking Bad is a show about Walter White's transformation into a villain. You can't sell millions of dollars of meth without breaking a few eggs. Here is a list of every character and bystander that has died over the series.


Season One - 2 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party
Emilio Koyama

1x1 Walt kills Emilio 1 1x1 Walt kills Emilio 2

Poisoned by phosphine gas created by mixing red phosphorus with hot water. ("Pilot") Walter White
Domingo Gallardo "Krazy 8" Molina

1x03 - Walt kills Krazy 8

Strangled to death with a bike lock. ("...and the Bag's in the River") Walter White

Season Two - 176 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party

A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal 10

Beaten to death. ("Seven Thirty-Seven") Tuco Salamanca

2x1 Gonzo dead

Accidentally crushed by a settling car in a junkyard, which partially severed his arm causing him to bleed to death. ("Seven Thirty-Seven") N/A
Tuco Salamanca

2x2 Hank kills Tuco

Shot in the forehead during a shootout with Hank. ("Grilled") Hank Schrader
Convenience Store Clerk


Stabbed during the theft of an ATM. ("Peekaboo") Spooge

2x6 ATM on Spooge

Head crushed with an ATM. ("Peekaboo") Spooge's Lady

2x7 Tortuga 2

Decapitated. ("Negro y Azul") Marco Salamanca
Unnamed DEA agent


Blown up with bomb on tortoise. ("Negro y Azul") The Cousins
Christian "Combo" Ortega

2x11 dead Combo

Shot several times in the abdomen and in the back. ("Mandala") Tomás Cantillo, on orders from the Rival Dealers
Jane Margolis

2x12 Jane choking

Asphyxiated on her own vomit while on heroin. Walt chose not to save her. ("Phoenix")

Herself and Walter White

167 unnamed passengers on the Wayfarer 515 and JM 21 flights

2x13 Wayfarer crash

The flights had a mid-air collision after they were given poor air traffic coordinates by Donald Margolis who was suffering emotional strain after the death of his daughter. ("ABQ")

Donald Margolis by extension of Walter White's actions

Season Three - 27 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party
Olive Oil, 9 other Mexican passengers

No Mas

Shot at close proximity, then left in the back of a truck while it was set afire. ("No Más") The Cousins
Coyote driver


Shot in the back while running away, then in the head to kill him. ("No Más") Leonel Salamanca
Mrs. Peyketewa

3x6 Mrs. Peyketewa

Killed in an unspecified manner. ("Sunset") The Cousins
Deputy Bobby Kee

3x6 Deputy Bobby Kee

Struck in the back with an axe. ("Sunset") Marco Salamanca
Unnamed Man

3x7 Unnamed Man shot

Shot twice in the chest at point blank range. ("One Minute") Marco Salamanca
Marco Salamanca

3x7 Marco Salamanca shot 3x7-Marco

Shot once in the head with a hollow point bullet. ("One Minute") Hank Schrader, via manipulation by Gustavo Fring
Leonel Salamanca

3x8 Leonel Salamanca CPR

Poisoned with an unknown substance. ("I See You") Mike Ehrmantraut, on orders from Gustavo Fring
Juan Bolsa's Two Bodyguards

3x8 Bodyguards

Shot repeatedly. ("I See You")

Mexican federales, via manipulation by Gustavo Fring

Juan Bolsa

3x8 Juan Bolsa

Shot repeatedly. ("I See You")

Mexican federales, via manipulation by Gustavo Fring

Tomás Cantillo

3x12 Tomás Cantillo body

Unknown (presumably shot). ("Half Measures") Rival Dealers
Rival Dealers

3x12 Rival Dealers hit by Aztek 3x12 Walt shoots dealer

Run over with a van and then shot once in the head. ("Half Measures") Walter White
4 Cartel Assassins

3x13 Cartel agents 1 and 2 3x13 Cartel agent 3 3x13 Cartel agent 4

Shot repeatedly. ("Full Measure") Mike Ehrmantraut, on orders from Gustavo Fring
Gale Boetticher

Box Cutter-dead-gale

Shot once in the head. ("Full Measure") Jesse Pinkman, on orders from Walter White
  • In "Green Light", Walt hears on the radio that Donald Margolis has shot himself and has been rushed to the hospital. His fate is unknown.

Season Four - 28 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party


Throat slit with a boxcutter. ("Box Cutter") Gustavo Fring
Los Pollos Driver

4x4 Los Pollos truck driver

Shot at close proximity. ("Bullet Points") Juárez Cartel assassins
Two Cartel Assassins

4x4 Cartel assassins

Shot to death. ("Bullet Points") Mike Ehrmantraut
Los Pollos Driver

4x6 driver

Shot multiple times. ("Cornered") Juárez Cartel assassins
Two Los Pollos Guards

4x6 guards

Suffocated by exhaust while locked in the back of a Los Pollos Hermanos truck. ("Cornered") Juárez Cartel assassins
Max Arciniega

4x8 Max dead

Shot once in the head. ("Hermanos") Hector "Tio" Salamanca
Gus' henchman

4x9 henchman dead

Shot by a sniper rifle. ("Bug") Gaff
Eladio Vuente, Benicio Fuentes, Miguel, Dons Paco, Cesar, Renaldo, Artuno, Cisco, Luis, Escalada, and 2 unnamed capos

4x10 Don Eladio dead 4x10 Cartel dead

Poisoned. ("Salud") Gustavo Fring

4x10 Gaff dead

Garroted. ("Salud") Mike Ehrmantraut, on orders from Gustavo Fring
Joaquin Salamanca

4x10 Joaquin Salamanca dead

Shot many times in the chest and abdomen. ("Salud") Jesse Pinkman
Hector "Tio" Salamanca

4x13 angry Hector 4x13 blown up room

Blown up by a pipe bomb detonated by a wheel-chair bell. ("Face Off") Hector "Tio" Salamanca and Walter White
Tyrus Kitt

4x13 Tyrus's last smirk

Blown up by a pipe bomb detonated by a wheel-chair bell. ("Face Off") Hector "Tio" Salamanca and Walter White
Gustavo Fring

4x13 Gus' face off

Right side of face almost completely blown off by a pipe bomb detonated by a wheel-chair bell. ("Face Off") Hector "Tio" Salamanca and Walter White
Two of Gus' Guards

Labunsub1 Labunsub2

Shot many times. ("Face Off") Walter White

Season Five - 38 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party
Peter Schuler

5x2 Peter Schulder dead

Committed suicide by placing one end of a defibrillator in his mouth and the other over his heart. ("Madrigal") Himself
Duane Chow

5x2 Chow dead

Shot once in the head. ("Madrigal") Chris Mara on orders from Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Chris Mara

5x2 Chris shot

Shot repeatedly in the chest. ("Madrigal") Mike Ehrmantraut
Drew Sharp

5x5 boy

Shot once in the chest. ("Dead Freight") Todd Alquist
Mike Ehrmantraut

5x7 death

Shot once in the gut. ("Say My Name") Walter White
Dan Wachsberger, Ron Forenall, Jack McGann, Andrew Holt, Anthony Perez, Isaac Conley, William Moniz, Harris Boivin, and Raymond Martinez

5x8 death

Stabbed, choked, beaten, or bludgeoned to death. ("Gliding Over All") Prison inmates, on orders from Jack Welker who was contracted by Walter White
Dennis Markowski

5x8 fire

Set on fire. ("Gliding Over All") Prison inmates, on orders from Jack Welker who was contracted by Walter White
Eight of Declan's men and his cook

5x10 - Gang death

Shot. ("Buried") White supremacist gang, on orders from Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

5x10 - Declan shot

Shot once in the head. ("Buried") Jack Welker, on orders from Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Steven Gomez


Shot several times. ("Ozymandias") Jack Welker and the White Supremacist Gang
Hank Schrader


Shot once in the head. ("Ozymandias") Jack Welker
Andrea Cantillo

5x15 Todd shoots Andrea

Shot once in the head. ("Granite State") Todd Alquist
Kenny, Matt, Frankie, Lester, and two unnamed gang members

Nazi death

Shot by remote-activated M60 machine gun. ("Felina") Walter White
Todd Alquist

5x16 - Felina PROMO 14

Strangled with chain. ("Felina") Jesse Pinkman
Jack Welker

Jack's Death

Shot once in the head. ("Felina") Walter White
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

Lydia's Death

Poisoned with ricin. ("Felina") Walter White
Walter White

Dead Walt Closeup

Shot by his own remote-activated M60 machine gun and bleeds to death. ("Felina") Walter White

Top Killers

Parties Walter White Donald Margolis Gustavo Fring White supremacists The Cousins Todd Alquist
First-Hand 16 - 13 21 16 12
Second-Hand 15 167 14 - -


Third-Hand 167 - - - - -


198 167 26 21 16 12

Suicides and Accidental Deaths

All purposeful unless otherwise specified.

  • Gonzo (accidental)
  • Jane Margolis (accidental, negligent homicide by Walter White)
  • Hector "Tio" Salamanca (suicide)
  • Peter Schuler (suicide)
  • Walter White (accidental)

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