"I mean, that laundry I told you about - let's start there. Come on, man, it's a perfect spot for a meth superlab."
Hank Schrader to Steven Gomez.[src]

Lavandería Brillante is an industrial laundromat department that was owned by Gustavo Fring. The organized collection, laundering and timely delivery of textiled service ware is essential to the operation of the institution. This department is solely a cover-up for Gus's superlab located beneath the laundry.

Many Hispanic workers were employed there to actually do many of the laundering at the premises, but it also made the department seem more relevant for the cover-up. Hank Schrader eventually grows suspicion that the laundry was a cover-up for Gus's meth operation, and he sends Steven Gomez to investigate the premises, but to no avail. After the death of Gus, and the destruction of the superlab by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Hank's suspicions were indeed correct. Dennis Markowski, the Industrial Laundromat Manager, was arrested after being tied to Gus' Drug Empire.


3x02 - Lavandería


Season 3

The industrial laundromat was first seen when Victor received a call from Mike Ehrmantraut warning Gus about Walt's near death situation with The Cousins. It was later fully introduced after Gus drove Walt to the location to show him the superlab. The superlab is located beneath the laundromat and is concealed through a large washing machine. The facility includes a large state-of-the-art filtration system that converts the odor from the meth cooks to clean oxygen.

Season 4