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Lariat Rent-A-Car
LocationsAlbuquerque NM ("To'hajiilee")
Milford Haven, NH ("Die Hand Die Verletzt")
Minneapolis, MN ("Irresistible")

TypeCar rental company

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Lariat Rent-A-Car is a car rental company with several locations throughout the United States of America.


Season 5

Patrick Kuby rented a van from Lariat's Albuquerque branch then he and Huell Babineaux loaded it up with Walter White's money and handed it over to him at Saul Goodman's Office. When Walt returned with it, Huell and Kuby hosed it down and returned it to Lariat. ("Buried")  ("To'hajiilee")


  • Lariat rental vehicles no-longer have GPS trackers attached following a lawsuit.
  • Lariat Rent-A-Car is also referenced many times in The X-Files.

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