Lance is a cashier at the Valliant copy shop.


Season 2

Jimmy McGill comes into the Valliant copy shop and asks Lance for X-ACTO knife, a ruler, 20 pounds of Hammermill Premium paper, one ream and a glue stick. ("Fifi")

Jimmy drives back to the copy shop. He gets there just in time to see Ernesto walking out and getting into his car. Jimmy panics, as it's only a matter of time before Ernesto returns with Chuck. Once Ernesto is out of sight, Jimmy reenters the copy shop and approaches Lance. He explains that Chuck is coming back to ask Lance about Jimmy. As Jimmy elaborates, he produces money from his wallet, making clear he's bribing Lance. Lance is reluctant to help if doing so means he gets in trouble with the police. Jimmy assures him that Chuck will make it seem like it, but he won't. Jimmy asks about the surveillance cameras and is told that the cameras record on a twelve hour feed. He offers $100 for Lance to erase the footage of Jimmy in the shop. Lance ups the bribe to $200, which Jimmy willingly gives him.

The bribe complete, Jimmy goes across the street and waits. Minutes later, Ernesto returns with Chuck. They approach Lance and Chuck produces the photo Ernesto had already shown him. Lance pretends to not recognize it, and Chuck promptly calls him out for lying, since he apparently already said "yes" when Ernesto made his prior visit. Lance claims that he was mistaken and he's never seen Jimmy. Chuck becomes increasingly agitated as his EM hypersensitivity starts to kick in from exposure to the lights and copy equipment. When he inadvertently snaps at another customer seeking help, Lance tells Ernesto to remove Chuck from the store otherwise he will call the police. Chuck tries to go after Lance, but eventually the electromagnetic fields prove too much for Chuck to take. He falls forward, hits his head on the counter, and falls to the ground, bleeding from the scalp. Across the street, Jimmy is horrified at seeing Chuck collapse. He silently watches Lance, Ernesto and the other customers gather around Chuck, while pleading that someone call 911. ("Nailed")

Jimmy rushes inside the copy shop and orders for Lance to call an ambulance before turning off the machines and lights. ("Klick")


Better Call Saul

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