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"Klick" is the tenth and final episode of the second season of Better Call Saul and the twentieth episode of the series altogether.



In a flashback, Jimmy and Chuck are sitting beside their dying mother in the hospital, who has been in a coma for three days. While Jimmy goes to get food for him and his brother, their mother wakes up and asks for Jimmy twice before flatlining. A clearly jealous and angered Chuck refuses to notify Jimmy. When he returns, Jimmy learns of his mother's passing, and when he asked if she had said anything, Chuck says that she did not.

Act I

The present: Jimmy rushes inside the Valliant copy shop and orders Lance to call an ambulance before turning off the photocopiers and lights. In the hospital, a conscious Chuck overhears an order for an EKG, but his protests are ignored by the staff. After Chuck is put in stable condition, Jimmy and Ernesto go in to check on Chuck, where the latter immediately accuses Jimmy of bribing the copy store clerk, after deducing that Jimmy was there mere moments after he fell. But Ernesto clears Jimmy, claiming that he called him before they went to the store. Outside, Jimmy asks why Ernesto lied on his behalf, to which he answers that Chuck's increasingly vindictive nature was beginning to alarm him, and he didn't want to see his friend get in trouble.

Act II

Meanwhile, Nacho has brought the driver of the Regalo Helado truck to Hector, who is waiting with The Cousins at an abandoned shack ranch in the desert. Neither Nacho or Hector appear aware that Mike has been shadowing them and quietly observing the activity.

At the hospital, Chuck is given a cat scan to check for any brain damage, despite his extreme objections. Jimmy and Kim wait outside for news regarding Chuck, both of them nervous considering the unusually lengthy wait, but not before watching Jimmy's commercial on the waiting room TVs. The nurse finally appears, saying that Chuck is otherwise healthy, but has gone into a stress-induced coma as a result of the cat scan. Jimmy, angered by the medical staff's inconsideration for Chuck's health, stays by his bedside and refuses to leave.

In the desert, Mike meets up again with Lawson, and test-fires the sniper rifle he examined with him when he was planning his hit on Tuco. After satisfying himself as to the quality of the weapon, he purchases the sniper rifle and ammunition, with which to kill off Hector Salamanca and protect his family once and for all.


Chuck finally wakes up the next morning, and Jimmy immediately takes him home, the two of them appearing to have reconciled. Upon his leaving, Chuck immediately goes into his garage.

Ready to commence his hit on Hector, Mike arrrives at the shack and takes position. As Hector, Nacho and the Cousins emerge, dragging the still-tied-up driver behind them, Mike prepares himself and takes aim. Inexplicably, however, Nacho suddenly positions himself between Mike and Hector on several occasions, preventing Mike from taking a clear shot without hitting Nacho's position, directly in the line of fire. Unwilling to kill Nacho, Mike is forced to watch helplessly as the cousins murder the driver execution-style in the head. Waiting for Hector to exit a shack where he was last seen entering, he then suddenly hears his own car horn blaring in the distance. He finds a branch propped inside his station wagon against the horn, and a note on the windshield with a single word: "Don't."

Act IV

At his office, Jimmy receives a dire phone call from Howard regarding Chuck, prompting him to go see him. To Jimmy's shock and worry, Chuck has lined the walls and ceilings of his living room with metal sheets, claiming that the walls and ceilings did nothing to reflect the electromagnetic rays that led to the deterioration of his mind over time, believing this is what caused him to make the typo in the Mesa Verde documents. To put Chuck's mind at ease, Jimmy admits to falsifying the information in order to revert partnership to Kim again, chastising him further for his dogged attempts to take what was rightfully hers. Chuck appears shocked at this revelation, but Jimmy mentions that it made both of them feel better, adding that, "it's your word against mine." Once Jimmy leaves, Chuck unveils a cassette recorder hidden under another metal sheet on the table and stops the recording before locking the recorder in his desk.


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  • The creators have confirmed that the note left on Mike's windshield is tied to the arrival of Gustavo Fring on the show. The first letters in the titles of each episode of the second season are an anagram for "Fring's Back".[1]
  • The hospital featured in this episode is the same hospital that Brock was kept in after being poisoned by Walter White in End Times. This is the same hospital that sports the Breaking Bad logo on the tile floors.
  • Originally Marie Schrader was meant to cameo in the hospital as Chuck was receiveing the cat scan but the creators decided against it as to not take the spotlight away from the brothers.

Memorable Quotes

Chuck: "I screwed it up! I hurt the client. [Sighs, breathes sharply] Blew it completely and utterly. And then I blamed And then I blamed you. [Crying] It's this goddamned electricity! It's wearing me down! It's wearing down my faculties! My brain, my mind - it used to be - You know, it used to work! And now it doesn't anymore. Hmph. People got hurt because of me. Time to end it. [Ticking continues] "
Jimmy: "What if I told you you didn't make a mistake?"
—Jimmy and Chuck.

"I rat fucked you. It was me. I would have made Nixon proud. I changed 1261 to 1216. It was me. It all went down exactly like you said. I mean, exactly. I doctored the copies, I paid the kid at the shop to lie for me. It is insane how you got every detail exactly right. So you can relax, okay? 'Cause that brain of yours is chugging along at a thousand percent efficiency."
―Jimmy admitting to Chuck having changed the address of Mesa Verde.

Chuck: "You do realize you just confessed to a felony?"
Jimmy: "I guess. But you feel better, right? Besides, it's your word against mine."
—Chuck trapping Jimmy.

Featured Music

  • "Les Jardins De Cannes" by Jack Diéval


  1. Better Call Saul : Creators Didn’t Expect You to Solve Their Gus Fring Puzzle

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