Kevin Rankin is an Amercian actor. He portrays Kenny in Breaking Bad. He has also appeared in the series Friday Night Lights, Trauma, Six Feet Under, Undeclared, and Justified.


He had a recurring role as Lucien in the short lived comedy series Undeclared in 2001. His character was an unctuous resident assistant to the series main characters.

He had a recurring role as the artist Johnny in Friday Night Lights in 2005. His character was a classmate of main character Claire Fisher.

He had a recurring role as Herc, a wheelchair using sportsman, in highschool football drama Friday Night Lights on NBC. He appeared with fellow fifth season co-star Jesse Plemons in the series; their breaking bad characters shared screen time.

Rankin had a starring role as Tyler Briggs on the short-lived NBC medical drama Trauma in 2010

He had a recurring role in the FX crime drama Justified from 2010 to 2012 playing the white supremacist criminal Devil. His character in Breaking Bad is also a white supremacist.


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