Irene Landry is an elderly client of Jimmy McGill.


Season 1

Jimmy calls numbers at the bingo hall. Eventually, Irene calls out bingo and ends up winning a notebook with kittens on it ("Bingo").

Jimmy meets with Irene about getting a will. Jimmy tells her the amount and she tells him that all she has is $43 dollars. She says that she will give him the rest of the money when she gets her allowance from Sandpiper Crossing. Jimmy takes a look at her bills and finds multiple cases of gross overcharging ("RICO").

Season 3

Irene is visited by Jimmy. After given cookies, she tells him that Erin Brill, to whom was Jimmy's colleague, had told her that the suit wouldn't be resolved until years later. When she offers him to take a look at the settlement offer proposed by Erin, Jimmy attempts to persuade her to accept the offer immediately. She leaves with her chair yoga group ("Fall").


Better Call Saul

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