Ira is the former owner and current manager of Vamonos Pest.


Background information

Vamonos Pest tents around four houses every week in the Albuquerque area. While the organization is legitimate, the five-man crew of exterminators, which Ira leads, bolster their income by burglarizing the houses they fumigate (or by selling the alarm codes and duplicated keys to other criminals). The Vamonos employees would either sell the information to other thieves or rob the houses themselves after a period of time. Saul Goodman was lawyer to many of Vamonos' crooks.

Season 5

In 2009, Ira sold Vamonos to Mike Ehrmantraut, Walter White, and Jesse Pinkman to be used as a front for their newly founded methamphetamine organization. The Vamonos crew was strictly instructed to not speak to Walt nor Jesse and were forbid from stealing from any of the houses that Walt and Jesse were working in. ("Hazard Pay")


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