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Air dateMarch 28, 2016

Running time

Written byGordon Smith

Directed byColin Bucksey

"Bali Ha'i""Fifi"

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"Inflatable" is the seventh episode of the second season of Better Call Saul and the seventeenth episode of the series altogether.


In 1973, Jimmy McGill is working (or pretending to work) in his father's store, while secretly reading a Playboy magazine. A customer comes in and asks Jimmy's father for some loose change and medicine, since he's got a sick kid. Jimmy, watching the customer, immediately deduces that the customer is actually a conman looking to steal money from the till. He tries to tell his father, but Charles Sr. refuses to listen to Jimmy. When Charles Sr. goes to the back to get the item the customer is looking for, Jimmy approaches the cash register to handle the man. After receiving his money, the conman tells Jimmy, "There are wolves and sheep in this world, kid. Wolves and sheep. Figure out which one you're gonna be." He then leaves the store.


In the present day, Jimmy sits on a bench in the courthouse lobby, doodling out something on a notepad. Moments later, Mike Ehrmantraut shows up.

In the district attorney's office, Mike delivers the amended statement that Hector Salamanca had requested him to make. However, the district attorney questions why Mike is doing so, explaining that only Tuco's prints were on the gun and not Mike's. Jimmy provides a dodgy answer, leading the district attorney to conclude that Mike has been threatened into changing his story. They've been trying to put Tuco in prison for years and the gun makes all the difference. When the D.A. continues to press this, Jimmy fakes outrage and promises to make Mike available for the defense before escorting his client out. As they wait for the elevator, Jimmy assures Mike that he's doing the right thing. To illustrate his point, Jimmy explains that he once watched Tuco break two guys' legs. Offended, Mike tells Jimmy to take the next elevator.

As he returns to his car, Jimmy calls Kim to see if the offer from Schweikart has been finalized. Kim says it hasn't, at least not until the interview. But Schweikert is promising to make her partner within two years.

Back at Davis & Main, Jimmy asks Omar to write a resignation letter for him. Omar is a bit baffled that Jimmy is resigning, given how hard he's worked to get this far, given the perks. Omar points out that Jimmy's got a bonus in his contract, but he doesn't keep it if he resigns within a year of employment. However, if he's fired without cause, he can keep the bonus.

While Jimmy is driving home, he stops at a red light and happens to notice a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man in a colorful suit advertising for a business on the roadside. This gives Jimmy an idea.


Main Cast

Guest Starring

Guest Starring


  • Aaron Templeton as Valet



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