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This article is about the character. For the third episode of the first season of Better Call Saul, see Nacho.
"You get me out of here.. today.. or you're a dead man."
―Nacho Varga threatening Jimmy[src]

Ignacio Varga, better known as Nacho, is a calculating, intelligent career criminal. He is the right hand man to Tuco Salamanca, heir to the crime family of the same name. While not yet a kingpin himself, Nacho is bright and has the ear of his terrifying boss. Nacho hires Jimmy as his lawyer after being introduced to him by Tuco at the start of Season 1. He secretly begins working with Mike Ehrmantraut at the end of season 1. He admires Mike's calm and calculated way of working, compared to Tuco's impulsive and insane way of working. Nacho is the tritagonist of Better Call Saul.


Background Information

Nacho works for Tuco Salamanca in his criminal enterprise and over time has become one of his most trusted men.

Season 1

When Tuco captures Jimmy and the twins Cal and Lars, he asks Nacho, Gonzo and No-Doze to take them into the desert, where they try to find out who they are. Despite Tuco not trusting Jimmy to be a lawyer, Nacho believes him and convinces Tuco to let him go unharmed, saying that the death of a lawyer does not benefit them.

1x02 - Mijo 5

Nacho meets with Jimmy in his office ("Mijo").

Sometime after the desert confrontation, Nacho meets with Jimmy in his small office, offering a part of the profits for cooperation to find the millions of dollars stolen by Betsy and Craig Kettleman. Despite Jimmy declining, asserting himself as a lawyer, not a criminal, Nacho gives him his phone number ("Mijo").

Being aware of the Nacho's plans, Jimmy tries to make an anonymous call to warn the Kettlemans that they are in danger. Concerned, the Kettlemans look outside their house and sees Nacho's parked van. The next day, the Kettlemans are nowhere to be found while their house is left ransacked. Nacho is arrested after being denounced by a neighbor who saw his van parked outside the Kettleman's house. The police searches his van, finding blood on the floor (belonging to Lars and Cal).

1x03 - Nacho

Nacho threatens Jimmy ("Nacho").

The police finds Jimmy, who had been trying to communicate with Nacho, and escorts him to the station, where he discusses the case with Nacho. Nacho maintains his innocence, admitting that he had performed surveillance on the Kettleman home, but did not kidnap them. Nacho warns Jimmy that if he does not get the charges dropped against him the police might uncover his connections to Tuco's criminal organization, which would result in Jimmy's death. Terrified, Jimmy goes to try to fix the issue ("Nacho").

After Jimmy found the Kettlemans, Nacho is released from police custody, who then discreetly accuses Jimmy of warning the Kettlemans before they went into hiding and that Jimmy will face "consequences". Jimmy rebuts by implying that he warned the family for the children's sake, and that any trouble Nacho got into he brought upon himself ("Hero")

Nacho buys pills from Pryce, with Mike Ehrmantraut serving as his bodyguard during the drug deal. When Pryce counts Nacho's money, he points out that he is short $20 from the price of the pills. Mike demands the agreed amount or the deal is off. Reluctant at first, Nacho coldly forks over the rest of the money and leaves with the pills. ("Pimento")

Season 2

Nacho meets with Pryce to buy more pills from him, but this time, Mike is not present as Pryce's bodyguard, due to the both of them parting ways. While Pryce counts up Nacho's money, Nacho admires his new BRIGHT yellow Hummer H2 with red flames and uses Mike's absence to his advantage and steals his information, learning that Pryce's real name is Daniel Warmolt. When Daniel's house is later broken into, his baseball card collection and drug money are stolen by Nacho. ("Switch")

Upon learning of Daniel's stolen property and that he is questioned by the police, Mike confronts Nacho at his workplace; an upholstery shop run by Nacho's father, where he pretends to be interested in reupholstering his car in order to get Nacho’s attention. When they’re alone, Mike informs him that he knows Nacho was behind the break-in at Daniel's house. Nacho shrugs it off, but Mike has an ace up his sleeve: he threatens to reveal Nacho’s dealings with Daniel to Tuco. At their regular drug deal spot, Nacho gives Mike $10,000 and returns Daniel his baseball cards, but ends up taking his Hummer to his chop shop to be disassembled. He then declares that his business with Daniel is finished. ("Cobbler")

When Mike requests more work from his crooked veterinarian, Caldera, he is given a job by a man who requested for Mike specifically. This is revealed to be Nacho, who meets with Mike at a desolate meet spot and says to him, "There's a guy. And I need him to go away." ("Amarillo")


Better Call Saul

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  • There might be a reference to this character in Saul's initial appearance on Breaking Bad. When Saul is held at gunpoint by Walt and Jesse, Saul (mistakenly thinking that people sent by a person named Lalo are holding him at gunpoint) says "it wasn't me, it was Ignacio."
    • Since the name Nacho is short for Ignacio, it might be possible Saul talks about the same person. Peter Gould has hinted this is the same person. [1]
  • Ignacio drives a 1992 Chevrolet Chevy Van ("Mijo" - "Klick").

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