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The Fring Residence was the home of Gustavo Fring.


Season 3

Gus invited Walter White over for dinner one evening. Gus offered Walt some advice: "Never make the same mistake twice." ("Abiquiú")

Season 4

After Gus' attempt to have Gale Boetticher replace Walt as his lead chemist, Walt bought a gun and set out to kill Gus. After Mike told him that he would never see Gus again, Walt goes to Gus' house. Before he reached the front door, he received a call from Tyrus telling him to go home. ("Thirty-Eight Snub")

During the war between Gus' Drug Empire and the Juárez Cartel, Walt wanted Jesse to poison Gus using the ricin he had cooked in the superlab. Gus invited Jesse Pinkman over for dinner after Jesse made up a reason to meet with him. Gus first asked Jesse if he could cook Walter's formula for Blue Sky without Walt. Jesse denied that he could, stating emphatically that he would not cook for Gus if Gus killed Walt. At this point Gus confessed that he wasn't going to kill Walt, but that he needed Jesse's help to prevent an all-out war with the cartel. ("Bug")




  1. GPS tracking results of Gus' car ("Bug")

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