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Saul: "Take a break, H.T. Let's go."
Francesca: "You're going to stop calling me that or I'm gonna hang you by your tie."
Saul: "Yeah, yeah, stop showing off for the client. Honey Tits! I say it's endearing."
—Francesca arguing with Saul.[src]

Francesca Liddy is the secretary for The Offices of Saul Goodman & Associates, working as a personal receptionist for Saul Goodman, Attorney at Law. In addition to her secretarial duties, Francesca monitors Saul's vitamin intake and, on one occasion, has impersonated a police officer over the phone. She is often seen dealing with clients at Saul's office.


Background information

Saul mentions that, before working for him, Francesca worked at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ("Blood Money").  

Better Call Saul

Season 3


Francesca in 2002 ("Witness")

In 2002, Francesca shows up the law office shared by Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler for a job interview. Jimmy asks Francesca unorthodox questions during the interview and is impressed enough to have her start work that very day, despite Kim wanting to have a more thorough hiring process. Francesca fields two calls during her first stint as Jimmy's receptionist, one of which is from Mike Ehrmantraut. ("Witness")

Breaking Bad

Season 4

While shredding documents for the paranoid Saul, Francesca hears the phone ringing and someone knocking on the door, but refuses to answer. Grabbing her pepper spray, she finds that Walter White broke in through the door window demanding to see Saul. She is furious that Walt broke down her door, and unsympathetic that Walt has found himself in danger and in need of Saul's help yet again. She calls Walt "a pain her ass," and mentions that he is the reason she has to go on unemployment.

Annoyed that she has to wait around all day for a plate glass person to fix her door, Walt offers her at least $1,700. Francesca says, "Door like this? Gonna cost way more than $1,700?" Walt is incredulous at first that Francesca would suggest needing $20,000 for repairing the door, but eventually catches her drift. She and Walt stare each other down, and Francesca mentions that now she is considering $25,000. Walt leaves to go collect the money for the bribe ("Face Off").

Season 5

When Jesse is waiting to visit Saul, Francesca is reading a "Travel Leisure" magazine while Huell sleepily guards the door. In the waiting room, a corny rendition of an American patriotic march plays in the background. To get Francesca's attention, Jesse starts smoking a cigarette from the same pack that, unknown to Jesse, has the ricin cigarette was lifted by Huell. Huell tells Jesse he can't smoke in the waiting room, and Francesca phones Saul to say "Jesse Pinkman's smoking pot." Saul's door opens, and a light green-sleeved arm gestures for Jesse to enter. Francesca then picks up a microphone and says, "Pinkman, he'll see you now" ("Blood Money").

Later, when Jesse realizes that his weed was lifted from him by Huell, he makes the connection that Huell must have lifted the ricin cigarette off of him (his suspicion before Walt convinced him that Gus was responsible for Brock's poisoning). Enraged, Jesse storms into Saul's office and brutally beats him. When he is beating Saul, he holds him down and keeps Huell and Francesca at gunpoint ("Confessions").


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