The fly that appears in Season 5.

For the episode, see Fly.
"This fly is a major problem for us: It will ruin our batch, and we need to destroy it and every trace of it so we can cook. Failing that, we're dead. There's no more room for error, not with these people."
Walter White[src]

Flies were a common insect that appeared in Breaking Bad. It has been speculated that the fly represents guilt, contamination, irrational obsession, and the loss of control in Walter White's life. When a fly gets into the superlab, Walt embarks on an obsessive quest to destroy it ("Fly").

Fans have also speculated that the fly represents Jane Margolis—as Walt is about to tell the truth (that his passive inaction allowed her to die), he states that the fly will stay up forever, meaning that it was a lie to never let go because the damage it would cause.

Season 3

The primary focus of the episode "Fly" is to kill the fly that has "contaminated" the superlab. Later on, at Walter White's condo, he sees a fly above him while he is lying in bed.

Season 5

A closeup of a fly is seen at the beginning of the episode Gliding Over All. This symbolises the further damage Walt has caused after killing Mike Ehrmantraut.




Try to kill the fly

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