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"Fifi" is the eighth episode of the second season of Better Call Saul and the eighteenth episode of the series altogether.



At the U.S.-Mexico border, hundreds of semi trucks await their turn to cross the border. The camera tracks as one Regalo Helado ice cream truck crosses the border and is then redirected to an inspection station. Once inside the depot, Border Patrol agents comb through the truck searching for any possible drugs, while the driver looks on anxiously. After a while, he's cleared and allowed to go on his way, but not before he takes an ice cream popsicle from one of his boxes for himself.

The driver pulls to a stop on a rural roadway a few miles from the border. He gets out, and walks a short distance into the dessert to a drop site marked by a loose rock. He moves the rock and grabs a revolver stashed in a lockbox hidden underneath. He then returns to his truck and drives off. As he leaves, the camera pans down on a pile of popsicle sticks planted in the ground near the rock, indicating that this was not his first visit.

Act I


Act II




Act IV



Main Cast

Guest Starring



  • Lorus Allen as Customs Agent
  • Harona Ceesay as Patron
  • Shawn Lecrone as Airman Jackson
  • Jon McGarrah as Flightline AF Airman
  • Gustavo Montes as Border Patrol Agent

Official Photos


Memorable Quotes

Joey Dixon: "Where the hell did you find this guy? You couldn't get a real war hero?"
Jimmy: "Yeah, like they grow on trees. So this guy owes me. I defended him a while back when he couldn't pay."
Joey Dixon: "Defend him for what?"
Jimmy: "You want to be a lawyer when you grow up? Just fix the—"
Fudge: "Public masturbation. Total bullshit."
—Joey Diwon, Jimmy and Fudge.

Jimmy: "You're part of the Greatest Generation. You fought the Nazis. [...] "
Fudge: "Fought Japanese. I fought the Japanese. This machine was used in the Pacific, where the Japanese are."
Jimmy: "Why don't you shut up and learn to take some direction?"
Fudge: "...Japanese."
Jimmy: "All right, fine. You fought all the...dirty...Axis Powers."
—Jimmy and Fudge in front of Fifi.

Legal notes

Featured Music

  • "Samba Dans Tes Bras" by Paris Bossa Nova
  • "Why Don’t You Do It" by Little Barrie

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