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Erin Brill is an employee at Davis & Main.


Season 2

Erin introduces herself to Jimmy McGill and welcomes him to Davis & Main. ("Switch")

Erin and other representatives from Davis & Main and HHM meet to confer on the Sandpiper case. ("Cobbler")

Erin once again meets with other representatives from Davis & Main and HHM meet to confer on the Sandpiper case. ("Amarillo")

As Jimmy is about to leave Davis & Main, he is surprised by Erin. She produces a stack of heavily red-lined pages and explains that Cliff asked her to read one of Jimmy's briefs. She has a few notes that she'd like to review with him. Indignant, Jimmy realizes that Cliff has asked her to “babysit” him. Instead of arguing, Jimmy agrees – he'll meet Erin in her office in just a minute. The second she’s out of sight, Jimmy grabs his things and sneaks out.

The next morning, Jimmy arrives at Davis & Main to find Erin already waiting in his office. Jimmy apologizes for ditching her and launches into an elaborate excuse. Erin sees through the lie and cuts him off. Jimmy drops the act and agrees to look at her notes.

Erin and Jimmy then go to the courthouse to request a hearing for Thursday morning. The clerk denies his request at first, but warms up to Jimmy when he presents her with a cute Beanie Baby. Erin snatches the toy away, upbraiding Jimmy for trying to bribe the clerk. Finally, the clerk gives Jimmy a hearing date on Thursday afternoon of the following month. As they walk away, Erin claims she's not trying to get Jimmy in trouble: she's trying to keep him out of it. ("Rebecca")

While Jimmy is working at Davis & Main, going through paperwork with Omar, Erin oversees that Jimmy does everything correctly. ("Bali Ha'i")

Erin observes as Jimmy attempts to get himself fired. Later, after having his employment terminated, Jimmy snatches a soda can from her grip and ostentatiously throws it into an office garbage can. ("Inflatable")


Better Call Saul

Season 2

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