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Erin Brill is an employee at Davis & Main.


Season 2

Erin introduces herself to Jimmy McGill and welcomes him to Davis & Main ("Switch"). Erin's OCD-like personality begins to irritate Jimmy, and the pair soon clash.

It is heavily implied that Clifford Main sent Erin to watch over Jimmy, causing Jimmy to glumly ask whether an attempted minor bribe of a court clerk will go on his "Stasi report" ("Rebecca"). Despite a seemingly overeager and friendly appearance, her actions soon take on a patronizing and passive-aggressive undertone, causing her to be the only employee at Davis & Main with whom Jimmy does not even try to part with on friendly terms: After having his employment terminated, Jimmy snatches a soda can from her grip and ostentatiously thows it into an office garbage can ("Inflatable") - in reference to the first thing Erin chose to criticize about Jimmy, namely discarding a soda can in a wastebasket, not the recycling bin ("Rebecca").


Better Call Saul

Season 2

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